Sara – it’s boring here too – and more snow!

Hi, everybody, let’s walk walk walk!  (that was Leslie Sansone talking, not me… 🙂  )

But I HAVE been walking.  Haven’t made my 6000 goal every day this week though.  Also no outstanding 10,000+ days…but at least, keeping on keeping on.  I’m trying to be more diligent at work and procrastinate less…truly I would rather exercise than work…but I won’t get a raise that way!

Mon. Feb 1 – 7855 steps (3659 aerobic)

Tues. Feb. 2 – 4175 steps.  This is my youth choir day & there’s always a lot to do.

Wed. Feb. 3 – 9230 steps (4772 aerobic).  Wed. should be a day off but I worked part of this day, it’s time to do schedules again, groan.

Thurs. Feb. 4 – 3544 steps.  Adult choir day.

Fri. Feb. 5 – ooooh, I should have done more.  2287 steps.  Nothing really.  BUT I finished editing photos for my relatives in the UK and here, and began writing a report on the family part of my trip.  So a lot got done, but not exercise…

Sat. Feb. 6 – it snowed the night before & most of the day!  However, 7157 steps (2017 aerobic), thanks to Leslie & some walking in the snow later in the day.

13-14 inches of snow!

My front sidewalk is under there somewhere – and you can see how short the lamppost and street sign pole look!   This was taken early in the morning.  Later on, our snow guys dug us out and now we have little canyons where the sidewalks are.  I did go out & take some photos later with my Stabilicers on…

Sun. Feb. 7 – 6677 steps, walking around church & downtown – I had an 8-hour day yesterday – whew!

It is so nice that the days are getting longer.  Countdown for me now is, one month until spring break, two months until Easter – and then we will be seeing spring!  It has been known to snow here in April but I am just not going to think about that.

Take care and walk on!  🙂  Sara



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3 responses to “Sara – it’s boring here too – and more snow!

  1. That is definitely a good week, Sara. You can’t expect miracles with snow! And a lot of your exercise was aerobic and that’s good.

  2. lynnbechtel

    Looks like a good week, Sara, especially considering snow and busyness.

    I hate to say this–but I miss snow (there, I’ve now called on the snow goddesses to dump many inches on us)–we’ve had an unusually dry winter here.

  3. Sara

    Oh gosh, please, someone take my snow! and my icicles too…

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