Claude – still grey and boring outside

1 – 7 Feb 2010 First February week with days getting a bit longer

Monday: one-hour Feldenkrais class, 15mn stretching, 7,534 steps, 23mn aerobic walking
Tuesday: one-hour stretching class, 3-mile Leslie Sansone, 25mn aerobic exercise, 6,000 steps
Wednesday: 15 mn stretching, 11,703 steps
Thursday: 15mn stretching, 6kms’ walk. Had forgotten my pedometer. I imagine over 12,000 steps or maybe a bit more.

Thursday’s route

Friday: one-hour stretching, 7,647 steps
Saturday: 15mn stretching, 23mn aerobic walking (Leslie Sansone), 11, 234 steps
Sunday: 15mn stretching, 60mn Leslie Sansone, (3-mile + 1-mile, 30mn aerobic step), 7,000 steps

I didn’t go out either on Tuesday or on Sunday, but got my minimum of steps done thanks to LS

I had a look at her 4-mile walk, and figured that it was too advanced for me (too fast and includes jogging, which is not the best for my back) but figured that If I did the 3-miles and went back to 15mn before the end of the video, it would add up to a doable 4-miles, which is what I did yesterday. On good days, I feel up to an hour workout. Not every day though.



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3 responses to “Claude – still grey and boring outside

  1. Sara

    Boring, hmmmm? Hey, I’ll show you boring, State College is REALLY boring! I wish I could have “boring” in Paris! Maybe one of these days I will!
    Hurrah for you, you are always making your minimum – I didn’t do quite that well this week.
    The LS that I have has 5 one-mile segments, all with the boosted walking which is fine for me, the way she works it in. But you are wise, not to risk hurting your back. I know the Feldenkrais is so good for that!
    OK, I’ll be good and go post now… 🙂

    • The thing is, if you add several LS, you get to do you minimum step count. There were two days I didn’t even get out! Not only are they the minimum step count, but most of them is aerobic. You can’t lose. Plus you know exactly how long it takes…
      What’s boring is not Paris itself but this constant greyness! I find it depressing. You know that you can just copy/paste two lines of code from 23 to have your photos here, instead of uploading them, don’t you?

  2. lynnbechtel

    Looks like a great week Claude. A 4 mile walk is impressive whether it’s outdoors or inside ala Leslie Sansone.

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