Lynn–Where’s the snow?

Good afternoon, all. It’s been chilly here in New England but, unlike Lia, we have no snow. Sara, did you get hit by the recent snowstorm?

I appreciate the clear sidewalks and roads.

Sunday 1/31–Leslie Sansone 2 mile high intensity walk

Monday 2/1–20 min aerobic dance

Thursday 2/4–20 min walk outdoors plus some floor exercises (stretch/strength)

Friday 2/5–approx 20 aerobic dance

Sunday 2/7–30 minute brisk walk outdoors

I have several reasons for exercising–I feel better when I’m moving regularly, it improves heart health, helps keep weight under control, etc. Another reason for exercise is to slow down any age-related bone loss. I’d always thought that walking would help with hip bone density but things I’ve read recently indicate that walking is really only helpful as a preventive measure if started at a very young age–doesn’t do much for improving bone health in 50+ year olds. However, moving in a way that varies the stresses on the bones–both intensity of the stress and the direction of the stress– can improve bone density. The Leslie Sansone routines, along with aerobic dance routines, seem to fill that need. So, I think I’ll keep some dance moves in my exercise repertoire even when the weather improves and I”m back to walking outside for my primary exercise.



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8 responses to “Lynn–Where’s the snow?

  1. Interesting point you make on the bone density. I haven’t had mine tested –am I playing the ostrich?
    Your week is pretty aerobic and seems quite good.
    I too will keep the Leslie Sansone routines. Not sure what you mean by aerobic dance?

    • lynnbechtel

      I have a few different things I lump under the category of “aerobic dance.” I have a DVD of a low impact routine done to Latin dance music and another DVD w/ a low impact routine done to a variety of kinds of music–and then I sometimes just put on a fast paced CD (rock and roll, Motown, latin music) and dance around the kitchen for 20 minutes or so. The cat looks at me like I”m nuts–but it’s good exercise.

  2. Sara

    Yes, I have the snow, Lynn! Ugh.
    Hurrah for you! This looks like a great week, very consistent! 20 minutes a day is what my doctor recommends.
    Interesting that varying the motion helps more! I love that about the LS routines – the lateral motion is terrific & I can feel it helping. I have always danced but still was losing bone density several years ago when they tested me. Doctor put me on Fosamax & tested me 2 years later (that was about a year ago, and I had also started doing gym & walking). Density improved markedly, I am out of the danger zone now. Who knows if it was Fosamax alone or combination of the two?
    I am still on the stuff – suppose I always will be – one pill a week.
    But hey, there could be much worse problems. I feel very lucky!
    Claude, I’m surprised they haven’t tested your bone density. It seems to be routine here…?

    • My doctor hasn’t been adamant about it, she mentioned it once, and I haven’t been and she didn’t mention it again.
      I hate tests, labs, doctors and such…

      • lynnbechtel

        As medical tests go, this is an easy one–just lie there while a machine moves back and forth above you.

        I get tested because I have a strong family history of osteoporosis. But I think the test is actually a bit controversial–there is more and more being written that says bone density is not a good predictor of fracture risk–density does not equal bone strength.

        • Sara

          That’s interesting, Lynn. What does help bone strength? Or do they know?
          My hair lady Roxanne has osteoporosis already & she is in her 40s – family history, yes – plus she cannot take calcium. I knew that she had been on a strict exercise regimen since this is her only way to avoid its getting worse. I just found out that her method is Leslie Sansone! She has LOTS of LS tapes & uses them religiously!

          • lynnbechtel

            Hi Sara. I don’t think they really know what helps bone strength, although exercise such as the LS routine plus exercises that target the small muscles along the spine seem to help. A friend of mine does yoga and that plus increased vit. D seemed to improve her bone density.

            More and more medical people seem to be saying that we do not need more than 600 mg of calcium and that we should be increasing vit. D and vit. K intake to make sure the calcium we do take goes to our bones and not our kidneys or arteries.

  3. Well, maybe I’ll ask her again then. I always shun anything that might hurt 😉

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