Claude – a rather good week

I am rather pleased as I just found out that I could actually prepare an entry in my MacJournal software and send it to the blog.

Week from 25 – 31 Jan 2010

Monday: 15mn stretching, one-hour Feldenkrais class, 11, 572 steps, 25mn aerobic walk

Tuesday: One-hour stretching class, 11,153 steps (including LS 3-mile) 20mn aerobic

Wednesday : 15mn stretching, 30mn aerobic walk, 9,000 steps

Thursday: 10mn stretching and lots of rest

Friday: One-hour stretching class, 5,953 steps

Walking (too fast) from home to Jardin des Tuileries

Saturday: 15 stretching, 42mn aerobic walking, 8,275 steps

Sunday: 15mn stretching, 10,300 steps, 3-mile Leslie Sansone, (23mn +10mn aerobic walking)

Between the LS video and the walking outside, I managed 5 sessions of aerobic walking this week. That’s nice, but I also realised that LS was more efficient because when I walk outside, I don’t like wearing my cardio training thing and I did Saturday and it turned out that I was walking too fast, believe it or not!
So I will have to wear that darn thing around my chest (I hate it) outside if I want to walk briskly.



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5 responses to “Claude – a rather good week

  1. Sara

    Brava, Mme. Claude! Leslie is the best! She does giggle a lot, but hey, I do too… 🙂
    That is beginning to look like a springtime sky! I know, I know, it’s still cold…but I thought to myself today, only 4 more months until JUNE! woo hoo! 4 months is going to whiz by.
    I am so wanting that tiny Panasonic…oooooooo…

  2. lilalia

    “Rather good”, looks pretty fantastic from here! Can’t believe you don’t have ice and snow on your streets. And, I am jealous of the blue sky, our sky changes from light grey to dark grey.

  3. lynnbechtel

    Paris almost looks warm in that picture.
    This is a great week, with such a variety of activities–aerobic exercise plus stretching plus the Feldenkreis.

    And it sounds like walking too fast is a good problem to have–speaks to your being in energetic good shape.

    • It’s the few minutes of blue sky! Believe me it was cold that day and the funny part is that some ten minutes before I took that photo, we had a snow shower.

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