Lynn–better mood but not much exercise

I’ve emerged from my blahs of last week. Thank you all for your encouraging comments. We’ve had extremes of weather here, from warm and stormy at the beginning of the week to very cold but sunny this weekend (15 F, -9 C were the daytime highs yesterday). Tucked in the middle were some relatively mild days.

Since my last post:

Tuesday–never made it out for a walk but did spend morning doing housework

Wednesday–20 minute walk at noon

Thursday–10 minutes clearing some light fluffy snow from the driveway (swept it w/ a push broom), 20 minutes aerobic dance

Friday–v. cold and v. windy–take-your-breath-away weather–went to late afternoon concert and had to walk 8 or 9 blocks from parking spot to concert hall–that’s it for exercise.

Saturday–again v. cold but no wind–spent long day at gospel singing workshop (fun!). I read somewhere that singing burns calories and we did move around a fair amount while we sang 🙂

Cold again today–but I will try to get out for a walk.



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3 responses to “Lynn–better mood but not much exercise

  1. lilalia

    I’m sure that singing, and particularly singing with others, is a way to heal body and soul. Glad to hear that you are coming out of the winter blues. Take dear care.

  2. Sara

    Singing is excellent aerobic exercise! And conversely, aerobic exercise is great for your singing! Great for your mood as well. Glad you are emerging from the doldrums! Happy February! 🙂

  3. Anyway, Sara is the specialist here. If she says singing is aerobic, then singing IS aerobic.
    It looks like a pretty good week to me, better than last weeks.
    Am sure that as spring arrives (it will one day, won’t it?) we’ll feel like doing more.

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