Lynn–winter blahs

Hello all–I’m still here. I was gone all day Sunday, my usual posting day and busy at work yesterday.

In general, I’ve been dealing with a case of the blahs–somewhat buried under lack of light, icy conditions, grey skies, depressing political situation here in US, fighting off some sort of virus.

But on the positive side–the sky is blue today, sun is shining, headache is gone, days are getting longer. I took the morning off work and plan to get out for a walk later.

Last week, I was low energy and headachey off and on all week–and very busy with after work events 2 nights and a day long workshop Sunday. I only managed 2 days of exercise–aerobic dance one day for about 1/2 hour and then another day when I went for a short walk and then did some stretching and strength training work.

Realistically, this will also be a low exercise week as my busy schedule continues but things will slow down a bit next week.



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3 responses to “Lynn–winter blahs

  1. lilalia

    Keep your head up high… the winter blaahhs are bound to pass.

  2. Sara

    I sympathize…having had a rather long blaaaah period myself in Dec. and Jan.
    Hang in there, better and warmer and cheerier times ahead!
    Remember our friend Leslie too… 🙂

  3. As we always say, two days is definitely better than no day at all 😉
    Winter is hard. I’ll say like Sara! Think of our friend Leslie!

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