Claude – a rather good week

Oh dear, as I start typing this, I feel really lonely. It’s the second post in a row. Are there still four of us or am I all alone? 😉

It’s been rather a good week for me in spite of lousy weather. It’s been so bleak around here that I went back to my India and Nepal photos to see some colour and sun!

Two elders with great posture

Maybe one day, I’ll be able to sit on the floor for more than two minutes, but it hasn’t happened yet. Sitting on the floor is one of the things I hate most!

Anyway, here’s my week from 18 – 24 January 2010

Monday: 15 mn stretching, 3-mile Leslie Sansone walking, 25mn aerobic, 7,375steps
Tuesday: One-hour stretching class, 8,420 steps
Wednesday: 15mn stretching, 3-mile Leslie Sansone, 7mn stepper, 8,048 steps, 25mn aerobic,
Thursday: gave myself a rest 😉 10mn stretching and no more. A lot at the computer and on the couch, though!
Friday: One-hour stretching class, 8,274 steps
Saturday: 15mn stretching, 15, 355 steps, 3-mile Leslie Sansone, 25mn aerobic. Did the LS in the morning and went to a restaurant with a friend. Then we walked and walked and walked. I was pooped when I got home!
Sunday: 15mn stretching, 6,861 steps, 2-miles walk Leslie Sansone, 20mn aerobic, 8mn stepper

The LS walking includes quite a few steps. When I mention aerobic, it includes the LS and the stepper.



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10 responses to “Claude – a rather good week

  1. Sara

    Never fear, Claude, I am here! Just a bit overwhelmed with work…I will post later today or this evening.
    Looks GREAT to me! So what if you can’t sit on the floor? who cares?
    I’m taking it that your overall step count includes LS as well as other walking.
    Lovely colorful Nepal photos – we need that color here too!

  2. yes, overall steps includes LS and stepper. I wear the pedometer at all times 😉
    About sitting on the floor, I care! And that’s what counts. Being able to sit on the floor means I am not doing my squats for nothing. And my stretching instructor claims (with reason I think) that you must check every part of your body and make sure they are all in working order. My butt has to be able to sit on the floor and that is that LOL

    • Sara

      OKAY! Go for it, girl. I do think she’s right. You will get there! Next time I come to Paris we will have to sit on the floor for a bit. 😉

  3. Claude, Finally got it together to post my goodbye here (what is it with Firefox and WordPress?) and will link from my blog when I write about my new bathing suits–and my new tooth.

    Quite a four months since the move. New hairdo too.

    A “stretching instructor” seems a new addition. Even when young I had problem sitting on the floor–tight tendons, maybe.

    love, naomi

  4. lynnbechtel

    Claude–This looks like a great week. Did I count 4 days when you did 3 mile walks? You and Sara both are inspiring me to stop complaining about winter and get moving.

    Thanks for posting the colorful photos–I think we all need that mid-winter boost.

    • It was three days with the 3 mile walk and one day with the two-mile walk. I find LS easier than trying to sweat it out in the streets aerobic-walking. 😉

  5. lilalia

    A very good week! Find it interesting to see all the variety you bring into your days. How are things weather wise? We are still bogged down with ice everywhere.

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