Lynn – winter not too bad

Sorry to be a bit tardy in posting but I wanted to get back on a weekend posting schedule. Winter is really and truly here but I think we’re getting off a bit easier than others of you–yes, it’s cold but that’s normal for January in New England. We’ve had a bit of dry powdery snow but the roads are clear and the sun has been shining a lot.

here’s what I’ve been up to with exercise:

New Year’s Eve–walking around town doing our first night celebration

New Year’s day–nothing

Jan 2–snow shoveling, short walk in the snowy woods, some housecleaning

Jan 3–lazy day inside

Jan 4–very poor sleep the night before so no exercise

Jan 5–30 minute Leslie Sansone tape

Jan 6–20 – 25 minutes dancing to some Latin music

Jan 7–nothing despite good intentions

Jan 8–20 minutes aerobic dance tape

Jan 9–10 minute walk plus 20 minutes aerobic dance tape

I’ve been saying I’ll join a local gym for the winter but I’m feeling reluctant to spend the $$$. We’ll see. In the past week, I managed to get 20 – 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 4 out of 7 days–not quite what I’d like but not terrible.



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4 responses to “Lynn – winter not too bad

  1. I can’t blame you for not wanting to spend the $$$ on a gym. But it’s true that it’s more difficult in winter than in summer.
    Aerobic exercise 4 out of 7 days is excellent. That’s what I’m aiming at.
    Shovelling snow is also good exercise.
    All in all, you’ve done well!

  2. Sara

    Not terrible at all! I’m working my way up to that…
    I’ve found a gym that lets you pay monthly, and go on “vacation” mode when you know you will not be using it. Only thing is, I often think I will be using it when actually I do not. Next year I will certainly not pay for December… 🙂

    • lynnbechtel

      I’ve certainly had the experience of paying for a gym, using it enthusiastically for the first week or two and then finding all sorts of excuses for not going.

      • I specialize in paying for stuff that I end up never using. I find excuses like it’s too far, or the class is too late, or I’m late today, will do it next day/week / month… and end up not going. Which makes the price per hour outrageously expensive 😉

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