Sara – once in a blue moon…

And it is a blue moon tonight, appropriately on New Year’s Eve!  Happy New Year, everyone!

I’ve discovered that when I do no aerobic exercise, it’s usually approximately 3800 steps per day for me.  That’s a mile and a half,  and 90-100 calories.  I will save us all a lot of reading and say that 4 days in the last week, that was it for me!

The other days, better and worse:

Wed. Dec. 23 – 6566 (no aerobic)

Thurs. Dec 24 – 10692 (5507) – I actually went for a good walk on Christmas Eve!  Then ran around church a lot.

Sun. Dec. 27 – 6814 (2998).

Wed. Dec. 30 – 2003 (no aerobic).

Gee, looks nice when I don’t put in those other days!  🙂

And today will be pretty good because I am heading downtown to see ice sculptures and hear music.  It will be cold but not TOO cold!  Have a wonderful evening, everyone, and happy 2010!

Ice sculptures, First Night, State College, PA

From one of my Flickr contacts – not my photo!  But I like it!  A plus tard, mes amies!



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3 responses to “Sara – once in a blue moon…

  1. That was last year, wasn’t it? We are starting a brand new year and it’ll be aerobic!
    You’ve been so regular last year and so energetic, that you deserve a pat on the shoulder, to say the least.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Sara

    Thanks for the kind pat, Claude! Past glories are bound to return soon. Here’s to the new year!

  3. lilalia

    Thanks for your well wishes. The same to you and your family. There were a few good days there for sure.

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