Very late in posting…sorry…here goes…

Hello, fellow exercisers – time slipped up on me – partly the Christmas workload, partly that I was sick last weekend.  Thank goodness for Omron pedometer…or I’d have lost track…

Let me start with a photo…

Just to remind us all to remember to streeeetch!

Would like to say I have been busy causing mayhem but I fear that it was only in my mind.  I came down with some sort of virus last weekend & missed parties, concerts, etc. & sat on my sofa a lot.  Not much fun but at least I am well now in time for the mayhem of Christmas!

The record:

Dec. 9-15:

Wed. 7255 (2809 aerobic) and I fear this was the last aerobic set I managed.

Thurs. 3749

Fri. 5115

Sat. 1569 – sick

Sun. 2535 – sick

Mon. 3217 – sort of sick

Tues. 2401 – getting a bit better but still erg.

Dec. 16-22:

Wed. 3241 – catching up

Thurs. 6212 – a bit of energy!

Fri. 7702

Sat. 3595

Sun. 6337

Mon. 2837 – just working at home

Tues. 5981

I’m pretty much back to normal, but REALLY looking forward to having some time off after Christmas for all sorts of things, including getting back to my exercise routine – or establishing one for the snowy days we have had.  My new stabilicers work rather well and I’m looking forward to being able to walk even when there is a bit of ice.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/happy holiday season in whatever form that you celebrate it!

Here’s to 2010!



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4 responses to “Very late in posting…sorry…here goes…

  1. Sara

    OOPS, forgot to say that this is Sara speaking…but maybe you knew… 🙂

  2. lilalia

    Sara, glad to hear you are feeling better. Do hope you can recover fully during the holidays. Take care and all the best in the New Year.

  3. lynnbechtel

    Sara, I hope things calm down for you in the New Year.

    I’ll be curious to hear how the stabilicers work for you. Do you have the kind that you can replace? Or the spiky kind?

    Happy New Year!

  4. Sara

    Hi, Lia, and happy new year to you! By now, I am pretty well recovered!
    Lynn, I got the Stabilicers brand, not the Yaktrax. They are removable & they have moderate spikes…pretty easy on & off. I hear from others that the Yaktrax tend to rust & are harder to remove.
    Have not used them again since we haven’t yet had much ice this year…knock on wood…

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