Lia – Under the Weather

Suffering the same snowy windy conditions Claude is, but I also have a very bad cold that makes me want to do nothing more than stay on the couch drinking copious amounts of tea and reading my way through a respectable pile of books. I have managed 15-20 minutes of walking six times in the last ten days. But, that is because we walk everywhere, having no car and bicycles are more or less out of service in the snowy conditions.

It’s taking a lot of effort to remove the snow from sidewalks, the owners of the homes or shops have to do it themselves. This makes walking through the snow extra hard; like walking through loose sand. After reading Claude’s post, I am determined to do some stretching as well. I’m letting this cold dictate my actions and that is not necessarily a good thing.



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4 responses to “Lia – Under the Weather

  1. Walking through the snow is definitely dangerous, especially if you don’t have the right boots.
    I have a car, but honestly, driving in Paris is such a hassle that I hardly ever use it. My daughter does 😉
    About stretching, I have a little routine that takes between 10 and 15 minutes and that starts in my bed 🙂
    Not easy to explain though. I’ll try to write it down and post it here.

  2. Sara

    Six times in ten days when you’re sick! That is great, Lia! I did not do nearly that well. Do take it easy in the snow. I’ll have to take a photo of these things I bought called Stabilicers Lite. But I don’t think they’d help in snow, just on ice.
    Funny you should mention stretching. See my most recent post! Meow!

  3. lilalia

    Claude, looking forward to reading about your stretching routine. Since I used to be a ballet dancer, once I start stretching consequentially, I usually become very elastic. It’s fun.

    Sara, they were quite walks, but walks nevertheless.

    I’m in my sneakers still, so not the best in snow or ice. Looks as though the weather has become milder and so, we will probably lose the snow and slush now.

  4. lynnbechtel

    I echo Sara that it looks like you managed to stay active in spite of a cold.

    It’s great that you have exercise built in to your daily routine by virtue of not having a car–I wish I didn’t need to depend so much on a car but don’t live within walking distance of shops or work.

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