Lynn–too much going on

Not much exercise this week–just too crazy. I began the week well with Leslie Sansone and mat exercises on Monday and that was it! Running around trying to get Christmas shopping done and other errands plus work stuff all so I can leave today on vacation. I’m headed for England for 10 days to see my sister. I’ll try to walk or get on her exercise bike (I hear the weather has been awful there) but you probably won’t hear from me again until the New Year.

Hope everyone has wonderful holidays–Hanukah, Christmas, New Years–and see you in 2010.



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3 responses to “Lynn–too much going on

  1. Enjoy your English holiday! Hopefully, by the time you get there, the snow will have subsided.
    Holiday season is always hard on exercise. Wait till you see my week 😦
    Anyway, happy New Year, Christmas and everything else and let’s hope for a good exercise year … next year! 😉

  2. lilalia

    Do have a marvelous time in England. Yes, the reports are lots of snow throughout most of England, so walking could be strenuous. All the very best. Pleasant and safe journey.

  3. Sara

    Oh how great, you get to go to England! Just enjoy yourself and don’t worry about a thing! Happy holidays and safe travel!

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