Claude – another grey, boring week

I find it very difficult to get motivated with such few hours of daytime, especially when it’s grey and raining.

I took this photo last week at the Tuileries Gardens. Rotated it and made it look like it had been taken with a Holga with Picnik
This just tells you how much time I spent in front of my computer this week.
I did get some exercise however
Here goes
Week from December 7th to December 13 2009
Monday: 10 mn stretching exercise, 7,589 steps 10mn+15mn aerobic walk
Tuesday: one-hour stretching class, 20mn aerobic biking. Didn’t go out but compensated with the indoors recumbent bike
Wednesday: 10mn stretching, 11,919 steps
Thursday: Didn’t do anything. My first day as a couch potato last week
Friday: One-hour stretching class, 11, 275 steps
Saturday: Another couch potato day, due to upset tummy .
Sunday: 10mn stretching, 8,147 steps, 15 mn aerobic walking at homeLeslie Sansone for 0.99cents on Amazon. One does look a bit silly, I suppose and I walked around my living-room and hall like Lynn rather than on the same spot. It does add some variety to things one can do.


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  1. Sara

    4 excellent days there! Not bad at all! and I love the Holga-ed lamppost. It does give the feel of the season. Thanks for sending the mp3!

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