Lynn–a little is better than nothing

‘Tis the season–for too much food and not enough exercise 🙂

I’m up against a deadline at work which makes it difficult to slip out and go for a walk mid-day; mornings have been very cold here and icy underfoot; and free time on weekends has largely gone to Christmas shopping and socializing (fun but…). Plus the options for getting indoor aerobic exercise in my house are losing their appeal (feel like work more than fun). I’ll be away at Christmas but when I return I’ll do a 3 month membership in a gym, I think, so I can swim or get on an elliptical.

Anyhow, here are the past week’s pitiful results:

Sunday – Tuesday–nothing much (I worked at home on Monday but was diligently at my computer all day then doing housework in the evening; Tuesday was v. busy day w/ an evening meeting)

Wednesday–snow clean up in the a.m. and then about 15 min aerobic dance in the evening

Thursday–brief aerobic dance in p.m. and mat work

Friday–brief aerobic dance in p.m.

Saturday –nothing (unless you count walking around the mall)

Nothing yet today–but it’s early still.



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4 responses to “Lynn–a little is better than nothing

  1. You’re quite right, a little something is better than nothing. When I worked at my computer at home, I used to set an alarm to remind me to get up and do something else for ten minutes. By the way I downloaded the Sansone home walking thing MP 3 on Amazon and just finished it. It’s a pretty good workout and added steps to my step count 😉 plus I wore my cardio thing and it is aerobic. Thank you for that

    • lynnbechtel

      Thanks for the tip about using a timer when at the computer–it can be so easy to just sit all day. Nice to hear that the Sansone tape is aerobic!

  2. And forgot to tell you, Wednesday was great and Thursday and Friday were good. That’s half the week

  3. Sara

    Half a week is much better than none! It’s a difficult time of year. I’m looking forward to trying the Sansone tape when I get over my current sickness…more anon…

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