Sara – who knows where the time goes?

I’m determined not to miss my Wed. posting day again!  Life rolls on, my to-do list as well, but gradually things are winding down to the big day.  Can’t believe it is only two weeks away!  I look forward to my Christmas break all fall…

Fri. Dec. 4 – 6348 (2467) – aerobic steps were jumping on the trampoline.  Fewer steps but I tell myself that they are more ENERGETIC steps, which is true!

Sat. Dec. 5 – 6881 (2337) – trampoline again

Sun. Dec 6 – 5601 (1316) – I forgot my pedometer when going back to church so should probably add 1500-2000 steps here for running back and forth there.

Mon. Dec. 7 – 4035 (0)

Tues. Dec. 8 – 3062 (0)

Thanks to Claude for the squatting idea!  I actually enjoy this, I do it while my tea water is heating.  10-15 squats a day.  But I don’t think I go as low as Claude does and I hang on to the edge of the sink.  My knees like the bending practice.

On the positive side, the board meeting is DONE, snow is on the ground, and I have a day with no rehearsals to clean up the mess in my work room.  I’ve been procrastinating on this since AUGUST, believe it or not!  Does that make me the Empress of Procrastination?  🙂

BIG thrill, I am reading books on my PC with Kindle for PC.  Downloading samples is fun.  Will order the actual Kindle in a week or so… 🙂

Happy walking be it indoors or out!  Til next week…Sara



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2 responses to “Sara – who knows where the time goes?

  1. lynnbechtel

    Glad to hear you get a break at Christmas and that the busyness is wrapping up.

    Kudos for adding the squatting into your routine.

  2. I hang on to the sink too but don’t lean on it, I try and use my knees and abs. My stretching instructor says it’s capital to do it every day. And actually, I had a serious look the other day, must be some 15cm and not 5. LOL
    Still, I’m glad I’m doing it!

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