Claude – rainy week

For once, I am rather pleased with myself, since I managed four sessions of aerobic walking, and that, in spite of the rain.
If I got up early, I must admit that it would be so much easier. Mornings have been rather cloudless until around 11am but then, it’s rain, rain, rain. Unfortunately, I am lazy! 😉
And I am also going through a I-want-to-eat-all-the-time stage. 😦 So I do eat all the time, and mostly stuff that I shouldn’t. Oh well, hopefully it’ll pass. The approaching holiday season usually does that to me!


Couldn’t squat like that either!

By the way, one of the things my stretching instructor recommends, is to squat and stand up three times in the morning. I do that, holding on to a broomstick for balance, and am pretty pleased with myself because now I do manage the three times! Not every day, granted, but several times a week. If you had told me I’d be able to do this two years ago, I would have laughed and thought it impossible.

Anyway, here’s my week from Monday November 30th to Sunday December 6th 2009
Monday: 5,525 steps, 10mn stretching (not much but something at least)
Tuesday: One-hour stretching class, 9,650 steps, 20mn + 20mn aerobic walking
Wednesday: 10,207 steps, 20mn aerobic walking (all in the rain)
Thursday: 7,624 steps, 15mn + 20mn aerobic walking
Friday: one-hour stretching class. At least I did that! No walking
Saturday: 5325 steps, 10 mn stretching
Sunday: 10mn + 25mn aerobic walking, 11,098 steps, 10mn stretching



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6 responses to “Claude – rainy week

  1. lynnbechtel

    Congratulations on continuing to walk in spite of rainy weather.

    How far down do you squat? Sounds like you’ve been able to greatly improve strength and flexibility.

    And oh my, it is hard to resist all the wonderful food available at this time of year.

    • I squat down to a couple of centimetres away from the ground and stand up. I used to do it in my bathroom using the bathroom sink for balance until I once did it with my socks on, slipped and fell 😉
      So now I do it on my living-room rug, using the broomstick for balance.

  2. Sara

    Good job, Claude! Tis hard to walk in the rain…is your camera water-resistant? Or do you leave it at home on those days?
    I have to continually kneel at church, sometimes on the floor, but I’ve noticed it’s getting harder. Maybe I will try your squat routine! I used to be able to sit like this fellow…
    We all have to build up our layer of winter fat… 😉 Turkey sandwiches really help…

  3. lilalia

    Great tip about the squatting. Going to give that a try. I used to be a master squatter. Now with age, weight gain and general huffing and puffing, I haven’t done it in a while.

    For all the other gals, squatting is the very best for good digestion.

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