Sara – steady decline in steps – caroling today however!

Oh dear.  A really low step count this week.  AND I’ve been eating a lot of turkey sandwiches on cheese bread with cranberry-apricot relish…my taste buds love it but my body is just expanding.  Plus it’s gotten COLD (I don’t count 40 F. as cold, but 30 or less IS cold…) and I have felt quite lazy.   Ah well, enough excuses.  Here it is.

Wed. Nov. 25 – 11655 (6516) – my BEST day!

Thurs. Nov. 26 – 3060.

Fri. Nov. 27 – 1883.

Sat. Nov. 28 – 5020.

Sun. Nov. 29 – 9385 (4589).  Thanks to good weather…

Mon. Nov. 30 – 5111.

Tues. Dec. 1 – 4398.

Wed. Dec. 2 – 3664.

Thurs. Dec. 3 – 1819.

Hm.  I am disappointed in me, but obviously not disappointed enough to do anything about it!  Today so far I did 3304 steps.  I should now get out the jog trampoline and jump up and down for a half hour or so.

On the positive, non-exercise side…one choir went caroling today and did very well and had a lovely time!  Funerals are still coming fast and furious – another one next Thursday.  Paperwork continues.

However GOOD NEWS about my old Canon Powershot, which had a faulty image sensor (my pictures were turning out pink).  Canon finally agreed with me that they should fix it for free.  So when it arrives on Monday I will have two cameras (that and a used G3 which I bought as a substitute).  Maybe that will tide me over until the summer – when I may buy a Panasonic.  In the meantime, maybe it will be a Kindle for my Christmas stocking!

I have a photo to put in here but haven’t downloaded yet.  I will come back and add it later.  Hope you all are managing to deal with the weather successfully.  I am so jealous thinking of Claude in Paris, with temps in the 40s and 50s F.  However, Paris seems to have had more rain, so I guess it all evens out.

Just having to write this down is putting me in a mood to exercise…thanks, everybody!

Ta ta, Sara



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4 responses to “Sara – steady decline in steps – caroling today however!

  1. lilalia

    Don’t get discouraged, times will change. I’ve had the same sort of count these last two weeks. But I’m optimistic this will change soon.

  2. Come on Sara! Don’t be too hard on yourself. This is your first so-so week in months (wondering if it’s not in a whole YEAR!) So be a little forgiving. You’ll do better next week. And I so envy you for all those turkey sandwiches!
    One day, you’ll be able to mail me one LOL
    Good for Canon, and surtout! good for you!
    The temperature is OK here but it rains every day, and some days I have the feeling, it’s been night all day!

  3. Sara

    My first so-so week in months – really? Oh, OK, off to eat another turkey sandwich! 🙂
    It snowed here today! And is just under freezing so sidewalks were slippery. I have ordered something called “Stabilicers” which slip on over your shoes to give traction. But for now, off to the trampoline! I did do some jumping last night… 🙂

  4. lynnbechtel

    My mouth was watering as I read the description of your sandwiches!

    I think getting any kind of exercise is laudable at this time of year, w/ holidays approaching and bad weather setting in–and it sounds like the holidays will be especially busy for you w/ your job.

    I’ll be curious to hear about your experience w/ the Stabilicers. I got the Stabilicers light version–they’re great for walking across the icy parking lot at work but hurt my feet when I try to go for a long walk in them. I’ve also tried Yak Traks, which are a bit more comfortable but don’t grip quite as well. I recently saw something in a catalog that you spray on the soles of your boots that is supposed to increase traction. Have you ever heard of something like that?

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