Lia- Struggling Along

Don’t want to whine. Don’t want to complain. Just want to tell you that I’ve been working on various projects at work or my volunteer work seven days a week. This situation will stop abruptly, since my work contract comes to an end at the end of the month. Exercise-wise, I’ve only managed to go to one jazz dance course and out walking for 20 minutes 10 times in the last two weeks. I wish the kilometers my fingers have walked on the keyboard could count! Two more weeks to go and then, the gods willing, I will have the occasion to do more exercises and meditation while looking for my next job.



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3 responses to “Lia- Struggling Along

  1. 20mn ten times in the last two weeks is pretty good, considering all the work you have to put in! Hang in there, baby, and don’t forget to have your insoles checked out. Mine made a world of difference to me.

  2. Sara

    I think 20 minutes/10x sounds super! Go ahead and whine a bit, you’ll feel better! I am the Whining Queen. You have my sympathy – it is just dreadful to be chained to the keyboard. I have managed a day off from time to time which sounds better than what you are going through! Remember that all things pass… 🙂

  3. lynnbechtel

    I agree with Claude and Sara that 10 x in 2 weeks sounds pretty good for a busy schedule.

    And I sympathize with that chained to the keyboard feeling.

    I echo Claude on the encouragement to check out insoles–I found a good orthotics maker a few years ago and it’s made a huge difference in my ability to comfortably walk a daily 2 – 3 miles (if I only had the time every day).

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