Lynn–pretty good week

Good evening–I meant to post yesterday but got distracted and then it was bedtime! Last week started off well but then I got sidelined for a day or two by a sore and slightly swollen knee (Friday and Saturday)–but resting it and rubbing w/ arnica seems to have done the trick–I think the problem was an aerobic dance routine that I was struggling to learn on Wednesday–had some moves that I think strained my vulnerable knee.

Sunday 11/22–walked 1/2 hour–moderate pace–some hills

Monday 11/23–15 minute walk before work, stretching/strengthening mat work in evening

Tuesday 11/24–1/2 hour Leslie Sansone walking tape in evening (not sure how aerobic this is–will do it wearing my heart rate monitor sometime soon), stretching afterwards

Wednesday 11/25–15 minute low impact aerobic dance routine (DVD)

Thursday 11/26–Thanksgiving day–1/2 hour walk BEFORE dinner

Friday & Saturday–nothing besides exercise that comes w/ some light housework and errand running

Sunday 11/29–yardwork and some more housework (had a long “to do” list for my 4 day weekend)

Monday 11/30–10 minute walk before work, 15 minute Leslie Sansone tape after work and stretching/strengthening mat work



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3 responses to “Lynn–pretty good week

  1. Sara

    Good job, Lynn! Aerobic dance is something I’ve never gotten into (and I can’t manage to stick to videos, I get bored) but hurrah for you for trying this! Do watch out for your knee however.
    And the walking looks good too! I think 20 minutes a day is supposed to be a reasonable goal but you’ve got quite a lot of half-hour walks there!
    Keep up the good work, you inspire me!

  2. lilalia

    What does Leslie Sansone’s walking tape entail? Exercise is not only getting the heart rate up, is it? Both my grandfathers were great walkers, and not the power walking you hear about nowadays. They lived long and good lives. That’s what I’m aiming for.

  3. Lia, the heart rate up is good against stuff like diabetes and cholesterol. That’s why my doctor has been trying to talk me into brisk walking with a heart rate monitor.
    Lynn, this looks like a great week to me. Am quite interested in the Leslie Sansone walking tape, I saw it could be downloaded as mp3 on Amazon… Could you tell us a bit more?

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