Lia – Good Week

It’s been a good week…

Sunday: 40 minute walk

Monday: 45 minute walk, 75 sit ups

Tuesday: 30 minute walk, 60 sit ups

Wednesday: 20 minute walk

Thursday: 20 minute walk, 1 hour jazz class

Friday: 20 minute walk, 75 sit ups

Saturday: 20 minute walk, 3 hour Salsa class

As a warning, this week is going to be more quiet, since the workload is big.



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3 responses to “Lia – Good Week

  1. Wow! situps! I am impressed. Situps kill my back, probably because I don’t do them right!
    All in all, a great week, Lia. Keep up the good work

  2. Sara

    Oh, looking great, Lia! I too am envious of the situps. I just do a baby #, 12 or so, when I go to the gym as part of cooldown. I find them SO boring…
    But what I’d really love to join you in is the salsa!
    Best of luck with the tough week at work – last week was bad for me but this week, with any luck, should be MUCH better!

  3. lynnbechtel

    A 3 hour salsa class–wow!

    I echo the other commenters –I’m impressed w/ those sit ups. I was so relieved when a physical therapist told me not to do sit-ups 🙂

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