Naomi-Reappearing Nov 22, 2009

Have I lost my edge in the ElderExercise world because I’m having too much fun?  Maybe.  It’s also the ongoing changes–moving, more time with extended family, a new place to explore, and–this is a hard bump to overcome–too much time in the car.   Don’t miss all those NYC subway stairs but they did work for exercise plus the walking to and from.

Stopped carrying pedometer because it was clear 5,000 steps/day were not happening.  So why beat myself up?  However, I am moving on in a different way.  As my waistline has spread noticeably in last 2 1/2 months, I feel the pressure of doing more while I can still make a difference in readjusting the body.

Since mid-October, I’ve had six sessions with the resident trainer; we work on stretching and balance exercise.  Each time I end with 10 minutes or so on the Treadmill at 3.9 and a bit of incline.  When I finish this, it’s off to do some more.  There’s another machine there (will take a picture) that is used standing to work on stamina, I think.  Makes me huff ‘n puff after five minutes.

Friday, the 13th, took a long walk with a woman I’ve met who likes the idea of regular walking partners.  We did about 7,000 steps together from our place on the hill to the waterfront.  By the end of the day had done 11,000!  Decided that I’d carry pedometer when I know that there’s the possibility of distance travel on foot.  Still hope to use mass transit more.

Tomorrow I stick my toe in the warm pool here for “Gentle Aquatics Class.”  How many years has it been since I pulled on a bathing suit, even more years since connecting with that dreadful chlorine.  But am holding my nose, so to speak, and joining the other ladies here to partake.

New physician has put me and spouse on a 12 week Vitamin D regimen–50,000 mg/once a week, then 400 mg after that.  Seems to work and a big change from nothing!  But we are in cloudy land in Portland, so it’s particularly important.

And so it goes.  No promises about future posting other than I will try to appear more frequently.  And I always talk about the site and make the case for collaborative exercise support.  Thanks to Claude and all of you who hang in there.





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3 responses to “Naomi-Reappearing Nov 22, 2009

  1. lilalia

    Regular walking partner and swimming all seem like noble pursuits. It does take a while to adjust after any move, especially this one. Who’d think city living gets you our walking more! Yet, I can well imagine this happening in places where you do rely so much on cars. Are there any shops or cafes in walking distance to where you now live?

  2. Good to see you back here.
    City living makes it much easier to walk, that’s for sure. You can hardly ever use a car. I know that when I’m in Normandy, I find it very difficult to get some walking done. So have to focus on different exercise there (didn’t go this year)
    Good luck on the swimming. I tried that last winter and gave up after a few weeks because it wore me out.
    Regular walking partner sounds good, and so do the training sessions.
    Don’t forget, it’s 5,000 steps OR any other sort of exercise.
    Do come and record whatever you’ve done every other week.

  3. Sara

    Hi, Naomi, good to hear from you! Wow, lots going on in your new life! Yes, it’s hard in a modern suburb (the norm for life in the US) to manage walking. I have to walk about a mile to get to any kind of shop – so I have to plan to be able to take an hour or more for that kind of walk. Otherwise it’s just round my boring block here…where there are sometimes some interesting things to see but mostly just…the usual…
    You’ve got the right idea, a walking partner could help a lot! I’ve tried water aerobics & enjoyed it somewhat — although it seemed awfully time-consuming when you count time dressing/undressing/raking stuff to gym etc. I guess I like the visual entertainment of walking more.

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