Lia – It’s been far too long

It’s been far too long. Sorry.

Yet, I have been doing exercises and even managed to start a weekly jazz dance course, which is proving to be a lot of fun. The last twenty minutes of the course is spent doing exercises to train the stomach, back, and bum muscles. This proves somewhat difficult since I am sorely lacking in that department (ha!).

The rest of my week is spent trying to get at least a 20 minute walk in daily, which I am doing quite well at. If the weather allows it, or if I am feeling very tenacious, I walk up to 40 minutes or so. In the last three weeks, I’ve managed to do do a longer walk 5 times.

I also try to do 60-70 sit ups before I take my daily shower. I was doing just fine with this, until this last week, when I suddenly let it drop like a hot potato. Will try to get back to doing this.

The one thing that I did about three weeks ago, was to attend a Lady-Dance workshop. It was a Salsa workshop that went on for three hours. The instructor, a Cuban woman, is probably somewhere in her late 40ies, but she looks as vital, sexy, and energetic, as a twenty year old. She managed to keep us wiggling our hips and shuffling our feet.  If all goes well, I’ll be attending her next workshop this coming Saturday.



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2 responses to “Lia – It’s been far too long

  1. lynnbechtel

    Nice to hear from you Lia. The dance classes sound wonderful. I’ve been thinking that simply dancing around my living room to some salsa or rock and roll might be a way to keep exercising once the snow starts to fly.

  2. Sounds like you’ve been doing quite a lot, Lia! Congratulations, and welcome back to posting regularly. I wish I were more of a dancer, it’s excellent exercise. I like Lynn’s idea of dancing around her living-room.

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