Claude – resuming exercise after trip

Week from Sunday November 9th to November 15th

It’s been rather difficult to get back to a routine after three weeks of non-exercise and an awful cold but here is my week.
I’ll try to post on Sundays
Monday: 8,527 steps, 10mn aerobic walking
Tuesday: 4,000 steps
Wednesday: 7,741steps, 10mn aerobic walking + 10mn aerobic walking
Thursday: 8,859 steps
Friday: one-hour stretching lesson, 7,542 steps
Saturday: not much. Went to a good restaurant 😀
Sunday: 8,500steps, 15mn + 10mn aerobic walking

Not a lot of walking but I am pleased with the fact that I managed the aerobic walking three times this week.
I am probably suffering from a photography overdose as I came back with over 5,000 photos and am finding Paris drab and colourless. ,)



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6 responses to “Claude – resuming exercise after trip

  1. lilalia

    If I was to compare the brilliant colours in your photos and the greys outside my window, I’d also see it as only being drab.

    It does look though as if you had a good week of exercise. You were doing more steps in the autumn months, but you still managed a good number.

  2. lynnbechtel

    And how was your trip Claude?

    Congratulations on getting back into your routine, in spite of a cold.

  3. Sara

    That is weird, Claude! Maybe your stride is longer in aerobic walking – hence not as many total steps registered. I think steps look great, all things considered.
    My world looks gray as well, with most of the leaves fallen from the trees – but I don’t have the contrast of India haunting my retina!
    Am attempting to see more subtle beauty…

  4. naomidagenbloom

    Good work, Claude! Yes, I too found it difficult to get back into exercise stride after high energy time away.

    You’ve reminded me about aerobic steps which always surprise me to find on the pedometer. Impressed recent partner with those and she may get a device of her own.

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