Sara – a book discovery?

Hi, everyone,  I just thought I would share a book I stumbled on at Amazon…oddly enough it was listed on a list for the Kindle, but is not published for Kindle!  At any rate, 3 5-star reviews for…

Exercise Beats Depression!

This book is written by a physical therapist.  Obviously it espouses no particular system, but the reviewers seem to have found it helpful.  Maybe as we enter the “indoor potentially depressive holiday” season, some fresh input would be useful!

And now I confess it, I have not been to the gym today…but tomorrow will be a fresh start!  It seems that Wed. is becoming my “let-down” day in all respects…my equivalent of most people’s Sundays…

Thurs. Nov. 5 – 11312 (6861)

Fri. Nov. 6 – 10043 (2446)

Sat. Nov. 7 – 10739 (7338)

Sun. Nov. 8 – 8358 (1806)

Mon. Nov. 9 – 6302 (2914)

Tues. Nov. 10 – 4494 (0) – I went out with singles club friends for a sybaritic dinner of shellfish soup, lamb, asparagus, and strawberry crepes with ice cream!

Today my step count is quite low, I fell asleep on the sofa, but have enjoyed malingering.  It was much too windy to walk outside (wind discourages me more than light rain!).

Excelsior!  I’m going to try to post regularly on Wednesdays, it seems to work better than the weekend.




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2 responses to “Sara – a book discovery?

  1. Any day is a good day to post! No one ever said which day anyone was supposed to post! The book looks pretty interesting.
    The other day I read an article that mentioned exercise as good to fight depression but also good for memory and the brain in general.
    Great step count. And don’t forget, we are entitle to being couch potatoes once in a while 😀

  2. lilalia

    Sara, five days of good step counts. Congratulations!

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