Claude – disappointed

I was sort of expecting to have to comment on all of your posts after three weeks’ absence and just found four, out of which only one actually described exercise done.
My last three weeks have been spent mostly in coaches, planes and trains, so I don’t have much exercise to account for.
I stretched for five minutes every day and did whatever walking was possible, but the state of roads didn’t allow for accurate pedometer recording. I realised that, when my pedometer marked 12,000 steps after five hours spent on the coach :D.
But I am back to recording my steps on my google calendar.

I have the feeling that most of the time, ElderExercise has becomes a place to moan and whine about what we haven’t been able to do. So maybe we should just give it up. It has helped me establish a routine. My routine is stretching and Feldenkrais time on the one hand and steps on the other hands. I record it on my Google calendar and don’t really need to come here and spend time copying and pasting from the calendar if there are only two of us doing it. We might as well share a Google calendar.

I think it would be a good idea if we each of us had a look at our goals page to take stock and decide if we want to keep going, or if we’d rather stop.
What do you think?



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5 responses to “Claude – disappointed

  1. Sara

    oh dear, as a major moaner, I take responsibility! However I do enjoy posting here, & enjoy feedback from others – I also like putting up pictures of fallen leaves etc. Maybe we should all take a pledge to join Moaners Anonymous – MA – and aschew moaning – or would WA be better? 🙂
    I am certainly open to sharing a google calendar however…
    AND I think that winter is a time when exercisers do need support – more difficult than the other 3 seasons put together!

    • I have nothing against moaning, being a great moaner myself, the queen of moaners so to speak, but I do take exception to moaning and not recording whatever exercise we do, if any.

  2. lynnbechtel

    As the new kid on the blog, I’d like to see it continue–I agree with Sara that winter is a time when support is needed more than ever.

    I may never be very good about keeping a daily log but it is helpful to me to have a place to report on what is–or is not–happening with exercise. And reporting on what is not happening can help me figure out how to get back on track.

  3. lilalia

    Claude, I’d definitely like to continue. Even though there were rock times and absences last winter, this group really helped me to get through the dark months. I am sorry of the lack of blogging and comments in the last weeks, there are reasons, but not worth mentioning. Please do allow us to try and become more regular and, do feel free to shake us a once and a while out of our preoccupation. I’ve started a weekly jazz dance course and have been relatively good about walking, but very poor about reporting it all.

  4. sablonneuse

    I have to admit that I’m the worst one for not exercising but, if you do continue I’d like to be allowed to stay with you and share your achievements in the hope that some motivation will ‘rub off’ on me.
    However, I can’t promise to post regularly so I do understand if you are a bit fed up, Claude, and want to call a halt and go with the Google calendar.

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