Lynn–Time change…

Last week,  any exercise time went to yard clean-up. I took the afternoon off on Monday 10/26–beautiful, sunny day and I wanted to soak up whatever daylight I could. Did leaf clean-up (multiple passes w/ the lawn mower, etc.) and some weeding/cutting back. Tuesday I was once again out w/ the mower in the late afternoon dusk. Wed I had my writing group after work, so no exercise. Thursday I worked at home and did do some yardwork and took a short walk. Friday did a little yard work after work. Saturday I was a slug all day.

We set the clocks back on Sunday. I had an active day. Yard work for about an hour and then a 2 mile walk.

Monday I walked 15 minutes before work and then did stretching/strength exercises after work.

Tuesday I walked 15 minutes before work, 15 minutes at lunch, and about 10 minutes after work.

Wednesday I hadn’t slept well the night before and did not do any exercise.

Today, Thursday, I did not have time to walk before work and have a meeting at lunch–so I predict not much exercise today.

Ahh, winter…



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2 responses to “Lynn–Time change…

  1. Leaf cleanup, that’s pretty tough!
    This looks like a pretty good week, in spite of winter coming, don’t you think so?! 😀

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