Lia – Doing Good

Hi all! It’s been a good week. Mostly because the weather has been nothing less than spectacular. Can’t remember the last time we’ve had so many sunny days and yet, the temperature remains cool. It reminds me of the autumn air during my childhood in Montreal. So, the week has been a mishmatch of activities:

Monday: 30 minutes walking, 40 sit ups

Tuesday: 40 minutes walking, 5 km bicycling, 43 sit ups, 5 min stretching

Wednesday: 12 km bicycle, 20 minutes walking, 36 sit ups

Thursday: 20 minutes walking, 26 sit ups, 5 min stretching

Friday: 45 min walking, 34 sit ups

Saturday: 40 minutes walking

Sunday: still early morning, but a sunny one, so undoubtedly I’ll go out for a walk along the canal.

Hope you all have a fine week ahead.



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2 responses to “Lia – Doing Good

  1. Sara

    Formidable, Lia! That is to say, great! Your situps put me to shame. And my tummy needs them…
    What is it about situps that is SO offputting?
    Hope your great weather continues! It’s quite chilly here today & I can feel winter coming, brrrr.

  2. Wow! That’s definitely an impressive week! Situps, eh? I only do abs during my stretching class under the supervision of the instructor. Every time I’ve tried them at home, I just manage to hurt my back.
    Fantastic weather here in Paris too…

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