Lynn – not much exercise this week

Well, I knew it would be a tough week b/c of a busy schedule but then also had to contend with bad weather.

Monday–Mowed for about 30 minutes and weeded for about an hour–went for a short walk.

Tuesday–nothing–work then immediately to book group meeting

Wednesday–very short (10 minute) walk after work before going to a meeting

Thursday–floor exercises and short walk

Friday–15 minute walk–v. rainy and grey all day–joints feeling achy–just generally sleepy and lacking energy

Saturday–another grey and rainy day–errand running in the morning then lazy afternoon and evening.

Today (Sunday)–milder and sunnier–went to an orchard to pick peaches this morning–short walk to the area where we were picking. Plan to either mow or walk later this afternoon.

By the way–the problem with commenting was something to do w/ Firefox. I was able to access comments when I used either Internet Explorer or Safari.



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3 responses to “Lynn – not much exercise this week

  1. Next week will be better, no doubt! I have had quite a difficult week exercise wise too. Let’s look at next week and not last week, although I sometimes find doing that difficult! 🙂

  2. Sara

    Oh those grey and rainy days. They just make you want to stay indoors and read. Hang in there! Peach-picking sounds wonderful. I used to do that as a child with my mom – nothing better than a peach fresh from the tree!

  3. lilalia

    Sending my sympathies about those grey days. I live in an area of the world that specialises in them and know how hard it is to keep light and bouncy. Maybe a hot piece of peach pie and vanilla ice cream would do the trick.

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