Sara – yes, it’s been a whole week…whew

Hello again, everyone – time flies when you have lots of paperwork to do.  Ugh. I’m procrastinating by writing this…

Tues. Sept. 1 – 9128 steps (5166 aerobic)

Wed. Sept. 2 – 6244 steps (2307 aerobic)

Thurs. Sept. 3 – 11129 steps (6060 aerobic)

Fri. Sept. 4 – 5660 steps (3579 aerobic)

Sat. Sept. 5 – 11452 steps (6274 aerobic)

Sun. Sept. 6 – 13582 steps (6172 aerobic)

Mon.  Sept. 7 – 10281 steps (7337 aerobic)

Tues. Sept. 8 – 11682 steps (6763 aerobic)

Wed. Sept. 9 – 12973 steps (9016 aerobic)

Getting back up there in the last few days – trying to walk earlier in the day, and to set a different goal even if it means walking farther.  The boredom factor gets me down, just walking around my block here.

It’s been grey, with moderate temperatures – leaves are not doing much yet – very in-between-y feeling.  I like autumn but it’s not here yet.  My camera is reacting to moisture with funny brown lines and huge pink spots in the viewfinder – makes me think of getting one like Claude’s but I have just adjusted to carrying my AA batteries and am not sure I’d love that battery pack thingie.  Also have rechargers for European AND American current… 😦 that work with the AAs…

I did have some new landscaping done in front of my house – the rhododendron looks scruffy because it’s dropping its autumn leaves, but this photo shows those brown lines…???

New landscaping - sorry about nasty brown lines

New landscaping - sorry about nasty brown lines

You can’t really see the nasty brown lines in the medium photo – but the large one was destroying the whole blog page so I deleted it.

I like to take a Starbucks break on my long walks…and this shows where I would really rather be…

remembering my first time in Paris

remembering my first time in Paris

Happy walking and flaneur-ing, wherever you are!



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2 responses to “Sara – yes, it’s been a whole week…whew

  1. lynnbechtel

    Sara–it’s amazing how much we get done when we’re procrastinating! Housecleaning, laundry, long walks–all better than paperwork–or in my case, working on a work project.

  2. I agree with Lynn, procrastinating is often pretty productive –if one isn’t in front of her computer, that is 😀
    Anyway, you’ve been quite active this week, haven’t you? Great step count and great activity

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