Lynn-difficulty commenting

I mentioned at the end of my “official” post that I couldn’t figure out how to  comment on posts that were made last week. I notice in my post there’s a link to “make a comment.” That link does not appear anywhere on Sara, Lia, or Claude’s recent posts, even when I view those posts when I’m signed in. Any suggestions?



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7 responses to “Lynn-difficulty commenting

  1. can you send me a link towards anything that doesn’t provide a link, so that I can see if it’s the same from here?

  2. lilalia

    Sorry, Lynn, I don’t know how to help you. Have you tried logging out before you go to the site?

  3. lilalia

    I read your other message more closely. I sometimes get this. I have to go to the site and log in. Than I go to the elderexercise site seperately. It seems to happen randomly. Maybe they have a mechanism in their programming that makes it difficult to stay login for longer periods of time.

  4. lynnbechtel

    Claude wondered if the problem might be with my browser and indeed, that seems to be the case. I’m at work now and accessing the site on Internet Explorer and all is working as it’s supposed to.

    Tonight, I’ll try using Safari on my home computer–maybe that will work better than Firefox, which is the browser I usually use.

  5. Sara

    I usually use Safari – haven’t tried posting with Firefox – Safari usually works fine for me! It’s on a PC also.

  6. I use Firefox all the time. But I am using the latest 3.5.3 edition. Am on a Mac. Also I’ve read that there have been issues on WordPress lately, nothing I have experienced, but it may have happened.

  7. lynnbechtel

    Claude–I had just upgraded to Firefox 3.5.2 before I began having difficulty. I’m also on a Mac.

    But all seems to be fine if I go onto the site via Safari.

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