Sara – getting things done…plus new shoes!

Hi, everyone, it’s a grey day here, threatening to rain, but yesterday was lovely so no complaints!

I’m also trying to be more regular, & it’s been exactly one week since I posted, so here goes…

Tues. Sept 1 – 9128 steps (5166 aerobic)

Wed. Sept. 2 – 6244 steps (2307 aerobic)

Thurs. Sept. 3 – 11129 steps (6060 aerobic)

Fri. Sept. 4 – 5660 steps (3579 aerobic)

Sat. Sept. 5 – 11452 steps (6274 aerobic)

Sun. Sept. 6 – 13582 steps (6172 aerobic).  Not listing calories – except it is really nice when that count goes to 383 as it did yesterday!

And today will probably not be as wonderful – I am finishing organists’ part of schedules & starting on cantors, plus choir music selections.

Yesterday I had great fun ordering new shoes onsale, online – New Balance All-Terrain WT812s.  They are the successor to my favorite WT811s which I have begun to wear out in just a year.  Not that I need All Terrain!  But these shoes are so comfy & they look good too!  The only type I have found that let my toes spread out nicely.  I think I will share a photo…

my faithful shoes

my faithful shoes

You can see how nicely they’re wearing.  I’m sure it doesn’t help that I mostly walk on pavement & they are designed for trail walking.   The new ones will be grey with blue & a tiny bit of yellow – I’m hoping they fit as well!

My camera’s viewfinder is experiencing fits of pink streaks.  I looked this up online & found that it is something that happens with Canon Powershots – relates to humidity.  VERY irritating since it kicked in today, even though I am indoors.  But it is humid outside.  😦   I can fiddle around & make it go away sometimes.  Time for a new camera?   That wasn’t in my budget…

Enough rambling!  Happy exercising!  Back to business here.  Ta ta from Sara



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3 responses to “Sara – getting things done…plus new shoes!

  1. I find that my shoes get worn out in less than a year too… but that’s a good sign, it means that we are getting our exercise. I like your shoes! I never buy shoes online, my feet have a tendency to kill me, so I make sure the shoes fit me. I used to buy the same shoes every year, but TBS decided not to make them any more, so had to settle for different shoes.
    Had never heard of pink streaks! I’d hate that to happen! 😦
    Looked at your step count! Great job again!

  2. lynnbechtel

    Where do you buy shoes, Sara? Those look really comfortable.

    Looks like lots of good walking this week.

  3. Sara

    They are great, Lynn! But I bought them at a little local store here – early last year – just stumbled on to them. The big stores here do not have much variety so I’ve started going to smaller ones, & then if I find something I like, I order from A great site. Free shipping, on returns & exchanges also.

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