Claude – Two difficult weeks

Between the weather, reading an enthralling book and feeling sick, I’ve had two difficult weeks. But hopefully, things are getting better.
Here’s the week from August 22, 2009 to August 28, 2009
Saturday: 11,167 steps
Sunday, spent napping in front of the TV
Monday: 9,500 steps, one-hour Feldenkrais class
Tuesday: napping and reading
Wednesday: 11,000 steps
Thursday: 11,250 steps
Friday: 10mn stretching exercise, 25mn indoors biking at aerobic pace

Week from August 29 to September 4, 2009
Saturday: napping and reading
Sunday: 9,872 steps
Monday: 10 mn stretching exercise, 9,245 steps 10mn+ 30mn aerobic walk. Felt sick in the evening.
Tuesday: Napping and reading
Wednesday: 6,000 steps, went to see physician
Thursday: Napping and reading
Friday: 1-hour stretching class, 5,000 steps

I’m hoping to try and be more regular in my efforts and posting at the weekend instead of procrastinating…



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2 responses to “Claude – Two difficult weeks

  1. Sara

    Regular napping is the best thing when you’re sick! And as for posting…it’s easy to lose track of the time…I am the worst.
    This looks pretty good to me, with weather AND illness getting in your way! Brava!

  2. lilalia

    I agree with Sara napping and reading a good book will cure most ills. Do hope you feel better now. Do take care not to overstrain yourself.

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