Sara – plodding along –

Hi, everybody,

My planning work for the fall is upon me and indeed, threatening to submerge me…I am sorry to be late posting & am also going to have to post & run but I promise to be back later this evening to read your posts & comment.  Thanks for your patience.

I haven’t the patience to average this out so I will just put it down.  I’m hoping to get a better balance between indoor and outdoor as the autumn continues…it feels like so much WORK but I know this will improve, it’s just the time of year…

Fri. Aug. 21 – 6023 steps, 2.47 miles

Sat. Aug. 22 – 12710 steps (4312 aerobic), 5.21 miles

Sun. Aug. 23 – 10902 steps (5391 aerobic), 4.47 miles

Mon. Aug. 24 – 9200 steps (1872 aerobic), 3.77 miles

Tues. Aug. 25 – 8061 steps (4457 aerobic), 3.30 miles

Wed. Aug. 26 – 10030 steps (6720 aerobic), 4.11 miles

Thurs. Aug. 27 – 5844 steps (2673 aerobic), 2.39 miles

Fri. Aug. 28 – 4773 steps.

Sat. Aug. 29 – 7306 steps (3884 aerobic), 2.99 miles.  Saw a wonderful musical, Children of Eden, by Stephen Schwartz.

Sun. Aug. 30 – 8460 steps (3231 aerobic), 3.47 miles.

Mon. Aug. 31 – 8628 steps (5860 aerobic), 3.54 miles.

And today I forgot to put on my pedometer until just a bit ago!  Have to get used to carrying my cellphone 24/7 and carrying/wearing TWO devices is a bit much.  I will have to morph into a kangaroo…

Variety is the spice of life and mine has very little variety of late but by October, I should be feeling more cheerful about it all!  Right now I just want to retire and move to France…  🙂

Happy walking and enjoy the leaves as they begin to change!



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2 responses to “Sara – plodding along –

  1. lilalia

    Even without the average, your number of steps look good. Very good in fact. Hope you do all right in finding a balance of work-to-home-life again.

  2. It looks good, and pretty regular. Resuming work is always difficult! Ever since I retired, I like September, because I resume my regular activities, like stretching and Feldenkrais. They sort of help me balance my week.

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