Sandy – slow progress

Hello everyone. Well I promised myself I’d post the results of my new regime once a month and it’s time.

So much for my hopes of losing about 1 kg each week but the scales  definitely show a small loss. Instead of being the wrong side of 80 they are just below: I can’t see precisely but I could claim 79kg.

Also, my hip measurement may have reduced by half an inch but  ut’s difficult to know whether you’ve measured in exactly the same place as before and then there;s always the possibility of ‘pulling your tummy in’.

However, even if progress is slow I am moving in the right direction and eating sensibly isn’t proving too difficult.

I’d like to do more exercise but normal chores are enough at present.  Walking a bit more is the aim for next month but three days holiday meeting friends who are coming to Calais next week may make the  diet difficult to stick to.

Here’s wishing you all success in your efforts.



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2 responses to “Sandy – slow progress

  1. lilalia

    Sandy, it always is hard with guests. Yet, some guests really get you out and about. Hopefully, these will be such a type to do this.

  2. Sandy, why bother about hip measurement! Just trust your faithful skirt or trousers. If the waist is too tight, you’ve gained weight, if it’s loose, then you’ve lost! 😀

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