Lynn – it’s vacation time!

Hello everyone. Sorry to be out of touch. I began a two week vacation on Monday 8/17. I worked on Saturday, finishing up enough tasks that I could relax during my vacation, then spent Sunday and Monday getting ready for company and travel. House guests arrived Monday evening and on Tuesday we piled into the car and drove up to Maine for 3 days. Great to see them and good trip but not much exercise. Guests left at noon today and I’ve been lounging on the couch ever since–very hot and humid here. I leave again on Sunday for a week on Block Island (off the coast of Rhode Island) w/ some other friends. That should be a good week for beach walks, etc.

So, the week of 8/9 – 8/16 I walked for 30 minutes several times and did my strength training exercises one day.

This past week I did lots of house work and errand running early in the week. Yesterday we went for a short hilly walk in the woods–not sure of the distance but it took about 35 minutes–and today we went for a two mile walk on a somewhat hilly route.



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3 responses to “Lynn – it’s vacation time!

  1. Sara

    Weather here has been discouraging too! Good for you for getting in half-hour walks on your vacation! Hope the Rhode Island trip will offer some good walking opportunities. Enjoy yourself!

  2. Hot and muggy IS discouraging, I agree. Or maybe we should exercise in our showers LOL
    Still, you did very well, considering!

  3. lilalia

    You certainly don’t seem to have slackened off. Coast of Main and Rode Island… sounds nice.

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