Claude – a very hot week

The beginning of the week has been devoted to resting, but now I’m back to my usual pace, although I find it very difficult because of the heat. I try to keep in the shade, which is not always easy. And jump in the shower as soon as I get home. Also try to remember taking a bottle of water along…

Wet dahlias

Such a hot day today, that it feels good to post wet flowers

August 8, to August 14, 2009
Saturday, 6,000 steps. That was the day we drove back to Paris.
Sunday, Monday, I just didn’t get out and couch potatoed all day long. Boy, did it feel good!
Tuesday, I resumed my one-hour Feldenkrais class and only walked 5,000 steps
Wednesday, 9,000 steps
Thursday, met my friend Monceau on a very hot day, 33°c, and walked 15,006 steps, I even walked 10mn at aerobic pace because I was late to join her 😀
Friday, 20mn walking at aerobic pace, 15,000 steps



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4 responses to “Claude – a very hot week

  1. lilalia

    15,000 steps in 33 degree weather! Boy, you must have been kaputt at the end…

  2. I took a long, hot, pleasant shower. I find that I can do a lot more stuff than I used to in hot weather, if and only if, I have a bottle of water with me. Drinking water does help!

  3. sablonneuse

    Wow, all those steps in hot weather – even if you do have some water with you – would have finished me off completely. Last week I carefully avoided the hottest weather when doggie walking, for his sake as well as mine and I am quite relieved that my neigbour is back for our mini heatwave.
    Maybe thinking of those wet flowers would help.

  4. Sara

    LOVELY wet flowers! And great job with steps. I’ve been saving my walking for later in the day when it’s cooler – and yes, planning a shower right afterward. Also taking my walks in 12-15 minute segments when I can. I’m looking forward to the chill of autumn…

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