Naomi – Walking & Waiting, July & August 2009

Ahem, I clear my throat, in my slightly guilty re-appearance.  Just two weeks from today, if we get the right flight, we’ll leave New York City.  Our new place will be a CCRC, continuing care retirement community, in Portland, Oregon.

Living in NYC provides a natural environment for walking–to the subway, within the subway. How will that work in the future?  Not sure though there are several destinations within walking distance but it’s different.  Everything will be different.  The entire change is, as we say, a crap shoot.  Not elegant language yet realistic.

In the past year I’ve become addicted to my pedometer, a birthday present in ’08.  The best one ever received in my aging years.  Yeah, flowers are lovely but objects that connect one to my best intentions and a very special friend–hard to quantify.  While I keep it in my pocket every day, check it out at night, my recording has been inadequate.  I was going pretty well through mid-July:

July 12…11,857 steps created by a 12-minute encounter with the boring treadmill.

Here’s the past week–pretty typical with higher number for blueberry picking with family.

August  8…7,676

August 9 …3,201

August 10…5,587

August 11…2,301

August 12…4,104

August 13…shallow pocket!

August 14…5,924

Working toward a goal of 5,000-plus.  Weight slightly lower than one year ago though goes up and down, 138 to 141.5.  Looking forward to more attention to mid-body exercise in new digs–boring tread and whatever else is there.

I promise to return in September after the move.  Many, many thanks again for your support and good cheer.  And for opting into this notion Claude & I had and she has beautifully maintained.

Reddish door, left, exits my NYC life

Reddish door, left, exits my NYC life



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3 responses to “Naomi – Walking & Waiting, July & August 2009

  1. Naomi, moving is such a lot of work that it can be considered as exercise, I’m sure. I remember the last time I moved, and as they say, moving is not for sissies! So congratulations on keeping the pedometer in your pocket, and above all on being who you are. We’ll see you at the beginning of September, in your new digs!

  2. lilalia

    All the very best on your move. We’ll be interested to hear how the change in scenery creates changes in your lifestyle and exercise regime. Will be thinking of you the next weeks.

  3. lynnbechtel

    It’s nice to meet you Naomi–I look forward to more conversation with you in September!

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