Sandy – busy week

This week has been hectic with a ‘new invalid’ when my husband came home from hospital plus dog walking for my neighbour.

You’d think with the sensible diet we’re all following (aimed at managing hubby’s diabetes) and the extra exercise, the scales would have been encouraging but. so far, not so good. However, I’ve promised I’m not seriously looking at any results till the end of the month so give it time.

The downside is that my knee is feeling a bit fragile (because of the extra walking?) so I’m not sorry that my neighbour will be back on Monday.

We are enjoying a better summer as far as the weather is concerned and  it was almost a relief when it rained for a whole day earlier this week.  It makes the grass grow so the lawns have to be mowed but I’m ignoring the weeding for the time being.

Hope you are all enjoying  sunshine  where you live.



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4 responses to “Sandy – busy week

  1. Sara

    MUCH better to avoid weighing yourself too often! Leads to yo-yo-ing which is not good.
    Glad you’re having some rain! I find it’s much better to let the weeds get a bit bigger before plucking them anyway…probably my natural procrastinating impulses…

  2. I’m with Sara! Don’t weigh yourself. Just watch the belt of your trousers or skirt.
    Scales are depressing, it’s what’s around your waist that counts. And remember? Don’t overdo it. Better to keep going than to have a sore knee and be unable to do anything

  3. lilalia

    When it comes to losing weight, it doesn’t seem to be the losing of weight quickly, but keeping weight down over the longterm, that is the hardest. Eating better and exercising more is more important, isn’t it?

  4. lynnbechtel

    I’m with the others–only weigh yourself occasionally–or, as Claude suggests, let your clothes tell the story of how much you’ve lost.

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