Sara – two weeks worth of steps – at last!

Hi, folks, it was great reading so much news from you all!  I have been busy continuing writing the memoir of my trip to France and England last year, and working on the accompanying photos to be posted on Flickr.  I can email a copy of the memoir to you if you like – I just need your emails!

I think instead of listing my step count for the last two weeks, I will post a comparison of a week’s steps from last year (the week of Aug. 4-10) and the same week’s steps from this year.  I waited until now to compare the same days – ok, I’m compulsive!  Did an average of the steps.

In 2008, my 7-day average was 6345 steps a day.  In 2009, during the same 7 days, the average was 9590 steps a day.  I am pretty happy about this!  also happy that I have managed to lose a bit of weight (I don’t know how much I weigh but I am wearing clothes that I could not get into earlier this year – that is enough for me!).  The pleasure principle works for me in terms of food, plus just plain eating more veggies and somewhat fewer carbs.  I’ve found a wonderful way to get 500 mg of calcium – in Adora, which are dark chocolate candies chock full of calcium.  They are very tasty!  I saw a lady buying almost the whole supply at Wegman’s one day, and I figured they had to be good!

So, no step lists today – and TODAY I was tired, so I stayed indoors all day working on the computer, doing my planning for next year’s masses.  Only 2791 steps.  But it was my first “day off” in quite a while.  SWEET!

Take care, everyone, think small but positive!  I will post a week from now, I promise…

🙂   Sara



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6 responses to “Sara – two weeks worth of steps – at last!

  1. I just love your idea of comparing averages! This blog is good for that, since it keeps our personal records! Wonderful. And that makes the progress you’ve accomplished tangible!
    And congratulations on the weight loss!
    I won’t do this week’s though 😉 since the first three days have been spent resting!
    I read the second installment of your letter from France and loved it!
    I also love you last advice! Think small but positive

    • Sara

      Thanks, Claude! Having gotten those steps up there, I’m now fighting the battle of how to get them in when my work schedule resumes – as it is doing now. But I am SO motivated!
      Glad you liked the France memoir! Believe it or not I am close to sending out the next one about Bordeaux! and then comes La Rochelle and all those colorful market photos you liked… 🙂

  2. naomidagenbloom

    Sara, This will come as a surprise to you, I’m sure, but most times after reading my weight on the scale, my thought goes to you. I want to report my discovery that just when it seems to have reached a low, it goes back up!

    Clothes fit is definitely the key and I send congratulations on your getting into those “unfit” last year. The step summation is impressive and most of all your being so much easier on yourself pleases me.

    Adora chocolate: very tempting and so nutritious.

    • Sara

      Oh, that does amuse me! I think that’s the reason I gave up looking at the scale. It was so discouraging to see it pop back up…
      The Adora is a GREAT discovery! Somehow I just hate taking two of those huge calcium pills every day…

  3. sablonneuse

    What a wonderful result when you look at your step progress. Very well done 🙂 I bet you feel a lot fitter.
    So pleased you’ve lost weight and it shows in your clothes.
    I’d love to read your memoir but how do I give you my email without publishing it here?

    • Sara

      Hi, Sandy, I’d love to send it to you! Actually, I think I have your email somewhere. Responses do come through to our emails – I will look. If you don’t get it in a few days we’ll have to ask Claude what to do.
      And yes, I do feel a lot fitter and have more energy even for stuff I don’t much want to do… 🙂

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