Claude – Back from… not Wales

Can you believe it? We were headed to Wales but realised on the way there that we were interested in too many things on the way. So we changed our plans and were happy to visit parts of Hampshire, Wiltshire and Cornwalls.
Travelling in a car doesn’t make for a lot of exercise, but we did our best and I will try to resume a healthier routine as soon as today is over (today being Sunday)
One good news is, in spite of cooked English breakfasts every morning, including all sorts of fat and sweet goodies, and enjoying every minute of it, I lost almost three pounds… Must be a side-effect of not sitting hours on end at that trial as a juror.

Week from July 25 to July 31

Annik and Claude at Stonehenge

With my friend Annik at Stonehenge

Saturday: 14,150 steps
Sunday: Indoors biking 20mn with heart rate monitor, 6,975 steps
Monday: 2x20mn brisk walking with heart rate monitor, 9,000 steps
Tuesday: 10mn + 20 mn brisk walking. 7,600 steps.
Wednesday: spent driving to Cherbourg, then on the ferry, and then driving to our B&B so 3,000 steps 😦
Thursday: 9,040 steps between Longleat Safari Park and Stonehenge
Friday: 8,570 steps mostly in Exeter.

Just experimenting

Experimenting with barbed wire at sunset

Week from August 1 to August 7
Saturday: 11,000 steps around Tintagel and Boscastle and its museum of Witchcraft (quite fascinating)
Sunday: 11,000 steps in the Lost Gardens of Heligan and Polperro
Monday: 9,000 steps around Lyme Regis (that’s where The French Lieutenant’s Woman by John Fowles takes place), a name that makes me dream
Tuesday: 9,000 steps around Winchester and its beautiful cathedral. We never climbed any of the cathedral towers as the weather was either misty or rainy when we were there.
Wednesday: 10,185 steps in Salisbury and Old Sarum
Thursday: 6,850 steps around Chichester and just a bit around Porstsmouth dockyard in the rain
Friday: 4,600 steps around Romsey, and then back to Portsmouth, the ferry and Caen where we had booked a hotel.



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9 responses to “Claude – Back from… not Wales

  1. lynnbechtel

    Looks like you did plenty of walking (and in one of my favorite parts of England). And congratulations on 3 pound weight loss in spite of those English breakfasts!

  2. sablonneuse

    What a lovely holiday – and well deserved after your jury service. It’s wonderful to go where you like isn’t it? We used to travel round France like that, taking pot luck with chambres d’hote or small hotels before we came to retire here.

    • It was a great trip. It would have been even better, though, if I had had some time to rest between the end of the trial and the trip. But it was lots of fun. And I AM definitely getting a rest now!

  3. Sara

    What a wonderful trip! I’m remembering Stonehenge and Salisbury – I spent a day there last year, going between London and Torquay. Went to Old Sarum (have you read the book Sarum?) late one day, after hours, and walked around all by myself. Hurrah for the weight loss! Glad you are free of the trial and having fun.

  4. naomidagenbloom

    Claude, It seems that going directly from the trial to travel has worked its magic on you. What a terrible slog that was–seemed to weigh you down both physically and spiritually.

    But you’ve bounded back into the energetic (I never get that sort of exercise during car travel; will have to think how-to ways) and picture-taking Claude of pre-trial days.

    Intrigued by photo. Could you have achieved slightly more definition of barbed wire and still kept it soft looking? Sorry, I wander from exercise.

    • About the barbed wire, I tried but then it totally changed the mood of the photo… I could also have cropped the barbed wire out, but somehow, and don’t ask me why, I liked it better in.

      I had three totally sluggish days when I got back from England. I definitely needed some rest!

  5. Sara

    Duh, I never noticed the barbed wire, even though you mentioned it in your comment! My attention must have gone to the silhouetted trees. I like the way it merges with the clouds…

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