Sandy – not a good start

This week was far from ideal to put my new resolutions into practice.

My husband went into hospital on Tuesday to have his diabetes checked out and to start insulin so, for those familiar with my circumstances, it means that the rest of the household are enjoying  the peace and lack of stress. However, the diet kicked off badly because hubby insisted on eating out on Monday and Tuesday in case he would be deprived of goodies during  his week in hospital.

Then to celebrate our ‘freedom’ my son and daughter cooked two  special  meals on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, my friend invited me to have lunch at the restaurant with her and her daughter so ‘dessert once a week’  was a complete non-starter.

Add to that the hours spent sitting about in a hospital bedroom and you can understand why the scales haven’t shifted this week.

Of course, I’ve done some housework but when I wanted to cut the grass I just couldn’t start the lawnmower. However, we have stripped the wallpaper in the last room which needs redecorating lib and this involved lots of scraping and then scrubbimg off the residue of the glue as we are going to paint the walls to stop the cats sharpening their claws on the wallpaper.

Today, my son is plannng to make vegetable lasagne  and I’m hoping there won’t be a dessert . . . . . . . .

Fingers crossed I’m able to do better next week.



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6 responses to “Sandy – not a good start

  1. Sandy, don’t you worry! I find it very difficult to focus on everything at the same time! Restricting your diet AND exercising might prove too difficult. It’s certainly too difficult for me.
    Now stripping paper on walls IS hard exercise! It would wear me out! Focus on things goods you’ve done!

  2. lilalia

    Sandy, after reading your blog, it seems to me that you should go right ahead and enjoy a few relaxing and peaceful meals. Stripping wallpaper is a 20, 000 step job for sure!

  3. lynnbechtel

    Sandy–It sounds like the comfort of good food and companionship was important this week–and that’s fine. When I was doing Weight Watchers a couple of years ago, the group leader used to reinforce that not gaining weight could be an achievement to celebrate (even if the ultimate goal is loss).

    And I agree with the other commenters–stripping wallpaper is hard work!

  4. sablonneuse

    Before I wallow in all your compliments perhaps I should have said that there were three of us doing the wallpaper stripping and probably it was my daughter who did the lion’s share!
    Anyway, I did eventually cut most of the grass after my son started the mower but he had to finish off the second side.

  5. Sara

    Well done, Sandy, not to worry, you will get back to a better routine soon! Wallpaper stripping would make me pig out just to comfort myself!

  6. naomidagenbloom

    Oh, Sandy, you make me so happy not to be a home-owner any more! I’m with Lynn and Lia that you’d rack up the numbers by substituting wallpapering activity to steps.

    Food? Consciousness about it is at least half the battle, so good for you.

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