Lia – Still in Montreal

We are still in Montreal. The last week has been spent in town, doing a lot of family visiting. Sedetary visiting. I’ve managed to do about 15-30 minutes of walking most days. Though, far too many of the days was 15 minutes and not 30 mintues. And, far too many of the family visits were spent eating out in restaurants with huge meal portions. So, I think I will have my work set out for me when I return getting back into a routine and losing some extra pounds.



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6 responses to “Lia – Still in Montreal

  1. sablonneuse

    Since you’re usually very active I’m sure you’ve no need to worry about a holiday with less exercise. Simply enjoy being with friends and family and indulging in eating out together.

  2. Lately, I have been practicing on leaving a little of the contents of my plate every day. I find that it lets me enjoy my meal and leaving just a little gives me the feeling I have accomplished something, even if it’s not much.
    Family gathering are always difficult and the size of the platters in North America is just beyond what anyone can fathom! LOL

  3. lilalia

    Claude, I also try and serve myself a small first portion, hoping that I might forgo a second portion. I also like leaving some food on my plate, but that is sort of considered wasteful or rude is come cultures. I don’t really get it, since so much food is thrown out behind closed doors. Especially, during my trip to Canada, waiters would be very pushy about wanting to give doggy bags. Even when we said we were just visitors and had no place to put the food, they were not placated. Leaving food on the plate can be a statement that the food is not good, but it is most likely just a statement that the portions are way too big.

  4. Sara

    It will all even out, Lia. Yes, portion sizes here are AWFUL – I just don’t eat out much and when I do, I only eat half and do take the rest home so I don’t have to cook later.

  5. naomidagenbloom

    Lia, Thanks for the unexpected window on eating-out in Canada. Curious, I’d have thought their healthcare system would have impacted differently on food behaviors. Of course, Montreal is not Toronto, the place more known to me. Here in New York our Mayor is all about signs in restaurants that list number of calories portions.

    Soon you’ll be back in your everyday life and do what works best for you.

  6. lilalia

    Naomi, do you think that listing calories will help? Wouldn’t it just be better if the portions were not so large?

    Sara, a lot of what I order (e.g. fresh salads, stir fried vegetables, fish) does not taste so good warmed up again. Since I cook every day at home, and thus have a good supply of leftovers, it doesn’t make bringing home leftovers from restaurants very attractive.

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