Lynn – delighted to join you

Hello from your newest member.

I found my way to this blog by a roundabout route–and it’s just what I need to stay on track with exercise. I like to move and exercise but am not always disciplined about it–and I also like to just sit and read a book. Recently, sitting has won out over moving more than I’d like.

A little about me–I just turned 61. I work full time as an editor for a small educational publisher–I like my work but it does mean long days sitting in front of a computer.  Like to read, knit, garden, travel, spend time  with friends, cook good food…

It’s hot and humid here in western Mass. today. I was really tempted to just sit and fan myself but I did get out and exercise:

Walked 1 mile (didn’t note time or measure heart rate)

Mowed front and side lawn (push mower, about 30 minutes at aerobic pace)



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4 responses to “Lynn – delighted to join you

  1. Yeah for not sitting and fanning yourself. It was pretty hot here yesterday too and I did get on my indoors bike (first time in months) and pedalled for twenty minutes.
    As I was commenting to Sandy the other day, mowing, digging and gardening IS exercise.

  2. sablonneuse

    Hello Lynn, and greetings from the Ardennes. I know what you mean about spending too much time at the computer but as, for you, it’s work, you have more excuse than I do.
    Glad to hear you enjoy gardening. I may be asking your advice as I’m hopeless !
    Looking forward to reading about your exercise progress and welcome to the blog!

  3. lilalia

    Welcome, Lynn. I can well sympathise with your battle between reading a good book and getting out walking. This blog and the people in it have helped considerably to make the battle turn more into an endeavour of balance. Do hope it is the same with you.

  4. Sara

    Welcome, Lynn! I too am a reader but it is amazing how this blog has helped me turn into a walker too! Now if I miss my walk I actually feel deprived!
    Great to have you here…I recently visited Gloucester, Mass. and enjoyed it very much. Look forward to hearing more about you and your life and exercise!

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