Sandy – struggling on

It’s almost like going back to square one – but this time more because of an aching back than knee problems. Oh what fun it is getting older!

Anyway, having come through a few weeks of  being low mentally as well I’m slowly trying to get back to more physical activity.

Walking uphill towards home makes me short of breath again so I know I’m not on form. However, I’m trying to do one extra task every day that involves enough effort to work up a sweat (but that doesn’t take much doing in my state of health and when it’s hot!)

For example, half an hour’s digging or weeding is enough!

Now the rain has set in, and if the forecast is right it could last a few days so gardening is out. Maybe I’ll put more elbow grease into cleaning.

Hope you are all enjoying the Summer as well as keeping up the good work with your exercise routines.



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6 responses to “Sandy – struggling on

  1. Sandy, an hour’s weeding or digging IS exercise! I wish you guys didn’t think that there’s only walking and pedometers on earth! LOL
    They are my obsession but don’t need to become yours, for Pete’s sake. Weeding or digging would probably kill me in five minutes.
    And walking uphill makes everyone short of breath, unless they are Contadino or whatever the name of that Tour de France champion is (I loathe Tour de France). One can work on it, but no records are demanded on ElderExercise.
    Welcome back and I do hope you’ll record whatever exercise you choose to do, here, again.

  2. sablonneuse

    Thanks Claude. I appreciate your words of encouragement and am trying not to be too disheartened 😉 by reading how far advanced you are compared to my state of (non)-fitness. Even after the weeks that upset your routine you’ve managed very well!

    • Sandy, the idea is as we say in French: “commencer petit” or else, what happens is you get aches and pains and don’t feel like going on. Like the first time you went on your bike!
      So start petit, but start and don’t think of other people’s achievements (or failures, for that matter!)

  3. Just to let you know that I just enabled sending comment replies via email

  4. Sara

    Oh, good job, Sandy! Hang in there and I totally agree with Claude’s “commencer petit.” I would never have gotten anywhere, had I not adopted that philosophy. Weeding is GREAT exercise! I’m looking forward to hearing from you more often – really missed you when you did not post! Hope the kitties are good… 🙂

  5. sablonneuse

    Thanks Claude and Sara. Yes, the cats are being quite good at the moment. I just wish Willow wouldn’t chase and eat butterflies.

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