Sara – from the woods near the beach in Massachusetts

Hi, everyone!  I am here near Gloucester, Massachusetts, staying with some friends who have a lovely New England house in the woods near the beach.  I feel so spoiled, it’s lovely!   Everything in the house is Provencal blues and yellows.  Mmmmmmm.  Yesterday was spent mostly in the car, getting here – not always pleasant – but then we walked around the village so I got a great number of steps in!  Lots of little hills among the trees here, lots of lovely things to photograph.  Mmmmmm…

Back to last Monday, July 6 – may as well say up front that I gardened every day last week, weeding, moving plants, putting in edging stones and mulch in my neighbor’s garden.  A favor that I did her but it was good for me too and I will add photos to this post when I get back!

So, Monday – 9024 steps (1817 aerobic), 253 calories.

Tues. July 7 – 9357 steps (1819 aerobic), 282 calories.

Wed. July 8 – 10530 steps, 304 calories.  (went salsa dancing that night!  great fun!)

Thurs. July 9 – 7242 steps, 215 calories.

Fri. July 10 – 6012 steps, 146 calories – by this time I was getting pretty worn out by gardening…

Sat. July 11 – 9938 steps (3944 aerobic), 283 calories.

Sun. July 12 – 11412 steps (4085 aerobic), 314 calories.

Mon. July 13 – 12128 steps (7758 aerobic), 343 calories.

Tues. July 14 – 5826 steps, 163 calories.

Wed. July 15 – 11264 steps (7477 aerobic), 335 calories.

And that’s it!  Looks impressive – but now I am going to be challenged to not put on tons of pounds with all the delicious food that Barbara cooks!  Will let you know how I manage!

Happy walking – I’m glad that Claude has finished her involuntary servitude and can get back to LIFE!  And glad Lia is well and walking again.



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4 responses to “Sara – from the woods near the beach in Massachusetts

  1. lilalia

    Sara, thanks for commenting. I hope you have/had a wonderful time. Excellent number of steps. I’m in a panic, trying to pack for tomorrow’s journey. Hopefully, we will be doing a lot of walking on our trip of well.

  2. Wow! Impressive step count this week! How wonderful that you are taking a well deserved holiday in Massachusetts with friends!

  3. sablonneuse

    Sounds like a lovely holiday and well deserved after all your efforts in your neighbour’s garden.

  4. Just to let you know that I just enabled sending comment replies via email

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