Naomi-Steps, coast to coast 6/22 to 7/2

Tweendom is a word I’ve recently invented to describe my current state.  Nothing to do with “tweens,” those between teenage and childhood.  No, mine is about languishing in the unfocused world where decisions by others determine my daily life.  Leaves me particularly unmotivated.

Being with family in Portland was great:  as if I had a job again–things to do, purpose, and a lot of fun.  Now I wait– for, a bank to give our buyer a loan.  Next, for our co-op’s board to shine on our buyer.  Finally there will be a closing, keys turned over to buyer, mover driving our stuff across country.  Meanwhile, it’s a real push to do anything–even begin discarding stuff.

I’ve not been a dutiful blogger.  Since I knew we’d make this move, been thinking about the changes that might bring about.  Claude’s decision to close a chapter makes much sense to me; clearly she’s given thought to her new direction.  For me, the decision has to do with the shape of my life in a very different environment–family,  the city itself, and the retirement community.

My little spiral notebook is almost at its last page of recording steps, et al, since I began on February 29, 2008.  I weighed 141 pds and did 25 minutes on the treadmill.  Now I seem to keep at 139.5, walk regularly, have not stepped on a treadmill in months.  My meals are smaller though I definitely need more chocolate-control.

June 22 – 5,729 steps

June 23 – 7,480

June 24 – 2,663

June 25 – 3,895 (flying back to New York)

June 26 – 4, 915

June 27 – 6,803

June 28 – 4,611

June 29 – 3,384

June 30 – 5,795

July 1 – 4,585

July 2 -5938

Thank you all for signing onto and staying with ElderExercise; it’s been a very important for me. If you are up for it, I’d like to continue.

Update:  Sara’s hilly vista leads me to add my urban ones of two of the flights of stairs to the 125th Street subway station.  These are from the street to the turnstile, followed by another to the train platform.IMG_4787IMG_4790



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3 responses to “Naomi-Steps, coast to coast 6/22 to 7/2

  1. Naomi, you should be proud of yourself, managing to keep on keeping track of your walking and above all, keeping on walking in the turmoil of selling and moving!
    I certainly want to keep this blog going. It’s helped me keep my sanity during the two and a half months of my jury duty that will hopefully be over by next Saturday. I am afraid we have lost Sandy and Holly, so there’s only you, Sara, Lia and myself. But that’s a good team I think. Let’s keep it up, shall we? All my best wishes for the selling, packing, moving, unpacking and settling down… You’ll need lots of energy. Don’t forget to pack your pedometer LOL

  2. Sara

    Brava, Naomi! You’ve done well. Transition times are always difficult – I think of the word “limbo” in Dante’s sense! When others set the agenda, you have to just find small purposes and I think you are doing great with that. Steps are a purpose…
    We must keep going! You all inspire me so much. And who knows, perhaps Holly and Sandy will get on the train again at some point – or maybe Kay – this called her blog to my attention.
    Stairs are much harder than hills. I take off my hat to you…and hope that one day I will weigh 139 1/2…dare I hope? 🙂

  3. Just to let you know that I just enabled sending comment replies via email

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