Claude – warm and stuffy week

I feel like I spend my time complainin8,000 steps, one-hour Feldenkrais classg about the weather! Couldn’t someone tell whoever organises all this or should I say disorganises it that average temperature like 25°C, with rain at night would just be perfect?
Today is particularly hot and stuffy, but as it is Sunday, I won’t complain too much as I have mostly been resting.
I still have two more weeks to go on the Jury Duty and am really looking forward to the end of endless hours of sitting and holding my bladder 😀
Anyway, here’s my week from June 20, 2009 to June 26, 2009

Saturday: 8,000 steps, one-hour Feldenkrais class
Sunday: rest, rest and only rest! And how I enjoyed that!
Monday: 12, 082 steps, 20mn brisk walking, 10mn stretching
Tuesday: 9,637 steps, 10mn stretching
Wednesday: 9,500 steps, 5mn stretching, 20 mn brisk walking
Thursday: 9,245 steps, 20mn brisk walking, 10 mn stretching
Friday: 11,250 steps, 20 mn brisk walking

And with this, I’m off to take a shower!

Incidentally, I am stopping Blogging in Paris, and am moving onto something else. Last post at Blogging in Paris will tell you about it.



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5 responses to “Claude – warm and stuffy week

  1. lilalia

    Claude, good week. Mine was spent in agony and a bladder infection. I won’t even bother to post.

    Sorry to hear about you stopping blogging in paris, but you have given the decision plenty of time to mull over. Do you have any new plans?

    Any chance in asking whether you would write on my daughter’s and my new blogging project ( I would so like for you to post a photo story or a walking story, or any of the lovely stories of your travels… please do think about it.

    • Sorry to hear about your health problems, Lia. I had a bladder infection a couple of years ago and it’s one of my worst memories ever. I do remember the doctor advising to drink lots of fluids to wash the germs away.
      As I said in a private mail, I will be delighted to contribute to your very short short stories blog when I am done with jury duty and fell able to sort things out! 🙂

  2. Sara

    Hang in there, Claude – not long now. I’m sorry to hear you’re stopping Blogging in Paris – but all things must change, they say, and I’m happy that I’m in touch with you in other ways. You will keep on with Vieux, c’est mieux? I hope so.
    Will post now in a bit…a plus tard!

    • I am just not much in a writing mood any more. I can post a photo, write a 140 tweet or comment on my photo and that is that. I guess I am moving into a new era

  3. naomidagenbloom

    Claude, It was not a complete surprise to read of your decision. Now that I’ve commented at Blogging in Paris, I’m back here to figure out when jury duty ends–looks life mid-July. What an enormous relief that will be for you.

    Your movement as reported above continues to inspire me. Now off to my own curious numbers.

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