Sara – getting back in the swing of things…

Hi, everyone, somehow I missed posting…hmmm, must have been the gardening I did, plus getting ready for the choir party…then this week I finished the schedules for the entire summer, a big load off my mind.   One more week of cleanup work with my helper here – then she leaves for Ireland and I can play!   🙂

Wed. June 10 – 10106 steps (1678 aerobic), 305 calories.  Volleyball – I did manage to serve the ball over the net a couple of times in succession – but I am truly not very good.  Wondering if I should continue trying…

Thurs. June 11 – 5387 steps (1953 aerobic), 147 calories.

Fri. June 12, 8982 steps (3763 aerobic), 264 calories.

Sat. June 13 – 6318 steps, 159 calories – no aerobic but I did a lot of digging & planting in the garden.

Sun. June 14 – 7009 steps (1630 aerobic), 203 calories.  Choir party, a real pig-out!

Mon. June 15 – 6012 steps (1129 aerobic) – forgot my pedometer for part of this day – some gardening – 159 calories.

Tues. June 16 – 6335 steps, 181 calories.

Wed. June 17 – 3834 steps, 93 calories – slug day.

Thurs. June 18 – 5167 steps, 142 calories.

Fri. June 19 – 8980 steps (2428 aerobic), 267 calories.

Sat. June 20 – 10285 steps (4852 aerobic), 294 calories.

Sun. June 21 – 4885 steps, 121 calories.  Housecleaning, some garden cleanup.

I’ve started using my neighbor Mickey’s stationary bike – but usually only for 6 minutes – and I have to rest every minute for a half-minute, what a wuss!  But I notice this is helping my stamina on the proverbial hills.  Gotta get those hill photos in here…

I’ve been frustrated because my laptop died – I don’t like using my desktop, so I procrastinate – my boss has to decide whether to repair or replace my laptop and I don’t know which it will be – am definitely hoping for replacement!

So that’s the news from Central PA, where things are at least slowing down, work-wise.  Nice to hear from you, Lia and Naomi and Holly (Holly?), and I’m wondering what ever happened to Sandy, and how she is doing?   Claude, do you know?

Happy walking and I wish you all lovely sunny days with nice temperatures and NO RAIN!



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3 responses to “Sara – getting back in the swing of things…

  1. lilalia

    Sara, you are no slouch at all! After reading your comment on my post, I thought I’d come over here and see that the weather or something else had kept you from walking or exercising. What good numbers. About the bicycle, I find the only way I can get the legs pumping longer is to listen to uplifting and rhythmic music. Keep on trying because it is a great way of building stamina. As far as the volleyball goes, do you have fun playing with the team? Do the others enjoy you being on their team, even though you are not technically great?

  2. Those are great numbers Sara!
    No, I have no idea whatever happened to Sandy. She hasn’t posted in months now, I left a comment on her last post and she never replied… So I guess it’s goodbye Sandy. Too bad because she was doing fine.

  3. Sara

    Hi ho, Claude and Lia – Lia, sorry to hear about the bladder infection. VERY painful, I have dreadful memories of when I used to have them quite a lot. Haven’t had one in a long time now, Gott sei dank!
    I am persisting on the bike, working up gradually – I can feel that it helps my leg strength & aerobic stamina too. I listen to NPR or to music also. It is VERY boring…

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