Claude – an afternoon off!

What a week! For the first time in all those weeks, I had a whole afternoon off. And took advantage of it! I went to see a great exhibition at Grand Palais: One picture may hide another.
On the walking front, it’s been a pretty good week too.
So here goes:
From Saturday June 13th to Friday June 19th
Saturday: 10,000 steps, one-hour Feldenkrais class
Sunday: ran a few errands, 5,000 steps
Monday: 12082 steps, 20mn brisk walking, 10mn stretching
Tuesday: 9,637 steps, 10mn stretching, 20mn brisk walking
Wednesday: 10,000steps, 20mn brisk walking
Thursday: 9,000 steps, 15mn brisk walking, 10mn streching
Friday: 11,100 steps, 15mn brisk walking

The thing I find most difficult is regulating my food intake. Most of us jurors bring cookies that we eat during the numerous waiting moments when we are stuck inside with not much to do, and I am resisting less and less… But you can’t fight on all fronts, I guess. It’ll be difficult to get back to a healthy routine I’m afraid. But we’ll see
Three more weeks to go! Chin up!



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3 responses to “Claude – an afternoon off!

  1. lilalia

    Pretty good? Very good indeed. You have been officially given my metal of order for good behaviour. Three weeks still seems like a long time to go, but when you consider how long you have been doing jury duty already, it will hopefully fly past.

  2. Sara

    Only three weeks! Hurray! They will pass in no time…and thank goodness you have cookies! Your experience makes me think of that old masochistic witticism, “I love banging my head against a wall because it feels so good when I stop…” I’m sure you will appreciate your freedom even more, after this…

  3. naomidagenbloom

    How you have kept your sanity over these weeks is awesome. I’m assuming you have no breaks for reading; must be numbingly boring!

    And yet you add up those steps. Thanks for the inspiration and giving yourself a break to eat a bit less wisely than usual.

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