Lia – Going Fine

Well, I hope you have managed to each find your stolen moments of getting out into the fresh air. Luebeck is cold (14-16 degrees Celcius) and rainy, so I’ve taken to going out for a walk when the skies are relatively clear and returning or jumping onto a bus when it starts raining again. If the constant rain wasn’t so tedious, the game I play trying to fool it would be fun.

Last Week

Tuesday: 30 minutes walking

Wednesday: 60 minutes walking

Thursday: 20 minutes walking

Friday: 20 minutes walking

Saturday: 30 minutes walking, 10 minutes stretching

Sunday: nada

This week

Monday: 50 minutes walking

Tuesday: 50 walking, 15 yoga

Wednesday: 40 minutes walking

This week has been a strong week so far, but today it’s raining cats and dogs, so I just might keep quiet. Lots of work to do online…



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4 responses to “Lia – Going Fine

  1. Sara

    Hi Lia! It sounds like a fun game to me! I am missing Paris and the ability to hop on and off of buses, metro, whatever. AND the coffee. Oh the coffee. When it rains, you can always have coffee.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. lilalia

    You are so right about the coffee. Though Luebeck cafés are not slackers in this categories.

  3. Great week Lia, especially considering the rain. We’ve had a rainy week too.

  4. naomidagenbloom

    Good work with all that walking…sorry about the rain. We’ve been lucky to have left NYC where it’s been raining daily, but in usually damp Portland, much sun!

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